Courtni + Matt | Virginia Beach Engagements

You won’t need me to tell you how sweet these two are together, and how they’ve been PERFECTLY paired. You’ll be able to tell from the blog images. Courtni and Matt smile beautifully (and VERY often!) when together and I was of course in photographer heaven! Usually I’ll try to do something to prompt a laugh for a shot, but these two couldn’t even hold it back. They are such flirts with each other that it was inevitable and it was like being around a couple that had that newly-dating excitement aura all around…I LOVED it! 🙂

The first night he saw her, he said he was going to marry her 🙂 Matt is from England and ironically Courtni was born in the same town over there! Stars aligning!!! I love these life coincidences, their story was so adorable! They met in Virginia Beach and are now engaged getting ready to tie the knot in 2014. So glad to be able to work with incredible couples like them! Enjoy their LOVE! 🙂

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  1. Love the joy, fun and all of the emotion that you were able to capture in these images!

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