Creative at Heart Charleston | Round Three

There just aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for being a part of such a dynamic experience for the third time in one year. This beautiful conference has a testimony that speaks for itself through the inspired tears of all of us during the presentations all the way to the resulting successes of the attendees who go home and pour their hearts into their businesses with a refreshed and renewed frame of mind.

It’s hard to believe we just did THREE of these in one year! The first in January, the second following in March and this final one post-crazy-wedding season in November, where I showed up jolly, pregnant and ready for another humbling and beautiful time spent with new and old friends alike. I loved meeting some of the new team members and speakers and of course, the part where (no joke) Cammy and Ellie stood on their little stage and sang and danced their tiny hearts out to “Let It Go” alongside the entire Late Night Treat audience all in pajamas. It’s SO amazing to be able to combine family and business in this way and it’s a video I will keep forever and NEVER forget!

If you’re looking for an experience that covers it all from blogging to branding to heart-warming and real inspiration and stories that were meant to passed to others and shared to change others lives…this is for you. If you feel alone in the industry, if you feel stuck in the same place, if you feel like you’ve lost your passion and purpose for what you fell in love with doing in the first’s totally for you! It’s not just about the incredible line up of speakers and panelists, it’s about the fact that everyone is equal and we ALL get to spend real time together! There is no separation of worlds. The speakers show up in their PJ’s just the same as the attendees for the Late Night Treat, how much more real and down to Earth can you get than that!!? When I was brand new with my business five years ago, I would have ADORED being able to personally connect with people I admired and followed that helped shaped my business through their education and social media posting, and even though I didn’t get that chance, it’s a BEAUTIFUL blessing that now I get to BE that person to so many girls out there wanting to stop me to talk mama, business and balance! What a humbling honor that always brings me to ugly tears when telling Mike about it later. I always cry about the stories that are shared with me, and the trust that people instill in me by sharing some of their most private struggles and life experiences. I don’t deserve it but it’s always an honor.

Thank you to the CREATIVE TEAM once again for making this happen! These girls work SO hard and kick butt, I’m so so proud of you ladies! Can’t wait to see you again soon!!!! :):):)

Interested in attending?! PLEASE DO!! Here is some info on the next one coming up in March in Annapolis, Maryland — seats will be available SOON!! Keep an eye out and also follow along on Instagram! 🙂

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  1. Love your heart to pieces. So excited for next year! <3

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