Creative At Heart Conference | Photography

This conference vision — its dynamic is something I haven’t seen before. There’s a reason the word heart is in the title of it, call it a double entendre because that’s what it is! Creative hearts and SUCH heart and soul in the matter of business women coming together and leaving refreshed!! 🙂

There are different conferences out there for different folks. I just happen to be honored to be a part of the kind that have a common goal of sharing warm fuzzies and leaving people INSPIRED (cue the Elle Woods Legally Blonde references and upbeat score here! I named my second daughter after that happy character for a reason, haha!) — Creative at Heart was put together by these two women in the industry who have a positive force surrounding them. An HONEST one, too– which is what’s starting to connect the good-hearted industry professionals and send the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy types in another direction 🙂 Honesty is a beautiful and necessary part of this industry. I got the most amazing outpouring of support the week Mike totaled his new car and somehow came home to us that nice safe and sound when I blogged about how I was on the ground stressed and overwhelmed…because that’s the reality sometimes. But you know what I talk about and share with others? WAYS TO PICK YOURSELF BACK UP. Keep going, keep fighting for this dream of a career. We GOT this ladies, we just have to know how to get back on track when things get rough! And..also, finding out what track to get on in the first place based on your personality type .. are you A or B? Old school planner and excel spreadsheets or complex business software? Either way..let’s find out what’s going to get you going, motivated, DRIVEN.

Creative at Heart is going to have some truly gifted attendees and speakers. The girls running it, Kat and Taylor… well they are amazing, too because their journey to put this together is something they did out of the goodness of their souls to bond a group of hard working individuals and set us all sailing down a smoother voyage.


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