Creative At Heart Round Three | Charleston | Photography

I talk about this conference ALL the time and it’s for good reason! I think the most amazing thing about this conference is that it’s SO promoted by it’s own experience from others! I’m pretty sure all of the past attendees are the best marketers of all time because they all want to come back for another round hahah! I’m a huge fan, clearly, but I am so so SO thankful to say I will be there for ROUND THREE in CHARLESTON South Carolina this Fall!!! AHHH!! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!! The chance to snag YOUR ticket is near!!

Here’s what I look like emotionally speaking about the conference after little-to-no mom care and driving five hours in the car with both girls today….see how happy I still am!? HAHA! Talking about C@H will do that to you!! For more information, please FOLLOW Creative at Heart on Instagram and visit their sites! ALL INFO BELOW!:)



*thank you Caroline Logan for the image!

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