Currituck County Film | The Girl Tyler | A Little Stardom!

I just HAVE to blog this! I have to! You guys, I am in tears because I just watched it again…and we may only be there for glimpses of it but we feel soooooo cool! Even more than that..let me tell you an honest story.

I did have a great childhood full of memories of Disney World, cheering in middle and high school, great friends and sleepovers. It got rough toward the end of it and I didn’t have the best marriage to look up to but one thing was constant yearly. ONE PLACE we got to be happy, yearly, and all our troubles went away..and that was in the Outer Banks.

Some people think I’m a total weirdo for posting full posts about my love for beach road, my obsession with all things Outer Banks and how thankful we are but what a BEAUTIFUL way to live, thankfully. Grateful for where you live, because you feel so deeply connected to it. Mike and I last year desperately tried to think of a way to describe our level of love for living here and we finally nailed it– we love this place as if it were a PERSON. A mom, a husband, someone extremely close to you that you just need to be near.

Our love for this place is undeniable and I remember being a little girl in the minivan with my dad EARLY in the morning in Corolla seeing wild horses on the side of the road, videotaping them and just being in AWE of this magical place! That’s why, it’s a HUGE honor to have me, Cammy, Ellie and my little Autumn in my belly featured briefly in this film a few times representing the place that to us, before we even moved here..has always been HOME.

The Girl Tyler knocks it outta the park, if you haven’t heard of them you MUST go and enjoy their wedding films and inspiring commercial work and promo videos sometime, sit down and get ready to laugh and cry! They are THE deal!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Jill Gum says:

    Oh goodness… you 3 (4) are just TOO cute!!

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