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I just keep bursting out into little crying spells..the happiest kind. I haven’t felt like I had a home since my parents divorced and sold the house I grew up in in Glen Allen near Richmond, Virginia. And that was the last place, 14 years ago…that I ever felt home. Sort of.

I spent the next decade moving CONSTANTLY..11 times total. That is insane! I never could settle and I never felt home anywhere. I made our little houses/condos/apartments into our little home but it didn’t feel like a real home. It was just a “place to live” while we were waiting on the next big thing.

This house we are living in right now in Kempsville in Virginia Beach is SO lovely, it’s small and it’s on a lake. We have a gorgeous view of the water, the leaves changing throughout the year and it’s a very pleasant view…but when we realized we could have this pretty view and STILL not feel home, we knew it was time to make a change. It’s also $1300 for ONE bathroom and TWO bedrooms! Hampton Roads is very expensive! The new condo? $1000 a month. To live in our DREAM town!

Rewind back to less than two months ago. I am mentoring one of my dear friends at Panera and she told me about moving into an apartment near the beach with her family, and how it wasn’t about the size of the house or anything superficial, they just wanted a better location and to be happy. She REALLY opened my eyes that day and I went home and started searching for long term rentals in OBX. I emailed my photographer friend Erin Lundy who moved to OBX and who is amazing, sweet and talented and started asking for advice of where to look. Because of these two ladies, we ended up finding the perfect place, small but FULL of natural light and only the basics of what we need in a condo. I emailed the realtor and she was SO prompt emailing me back right away and then the next day there I was taking a tour of it with my two little girls by 11am. I will NEVER forget that drive, the possibilities running through my head and imagining what it would be like to drive this way down toward OBX and be HOME.

What would it be like?
To NOT cross the Wright Memorial Bridge with tears in my eyes after a short lived summer weekend in OBX because I hated leaving.
To NOT intensely search on Zillow the whole drive home with Mike stopping at places for rent because we would do anything to live closer to our REAL home, the Outer Banks.
To NOT have to pick dates on our busy summer calendar to make time for our favorite place in the world…but just to wake up there every single day.

This is all we have ever wanted for our family and we can’t wait to start our life down there. Bring on the touristy summers, the cold and boring winters and the hurricane weather. We are so ready for it and so ready to leave the busy fast paced Hampton Roads area that just isn’t for us anymore. There is NO place like the Outer Banks in our eyes. Here’s to finding wild horses with the girls, breakfast at Jolly Roger, lighthouse climbing, small business shopping and supporting, playing ski-ball and playing on the Avalon Pier, warm sunrises on the oceanfront and beautiful sunsets on the sound and SO much more 🙂


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  1. Deborah says:

    So excited for you! Beach living is awesome! I love the OBX. You will totally enjoy, and they have a big wedding industry down there, as you know! The drives up here to do the weddings you’ve already booked will be worth it! And you will definitely have company down there!

  2. erin says:

    I must be extra emotional today, because this made me cry. We move all the time because of Austin being in the Navy, and even though we OWN our home..we aren’t home. One day….one day…I hope to call Alabama our home!!

  3. Janet Wiltshire says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you and your precious family! My husband and I have always loved the Outer Banks! My first visit was when I was 10…I’m 62! And still longing for home….Bobby and I have had serious discussions of late about when we can move down there. The biggest roadblock? Missing my grandchildren (5) in Richmond. BUT they can visit, WE can visit! When he retires in a year or two, we will do it. Has to train up folks to run his small business of 37 1/2 years! It’s almost done!! Enjoy Amanda! I love your photos and talking with your mom (FB, of course). God bless you as you go home! What a place to call home! We’ll see you soon!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi! Sorry to be trolling through your blog, but I came across it because I’m Brett’s sister in law. We, too LOVE OBX. reading about your move has made me rethink living there! My parents own two houses there, and so we always go in the summer but unfortunately the Army has made Colorado our home for now. We plan to move back east in a few years and my husband (who I also married there!) always says he wants to live there and I’m always worried about the novelty of it wearing off! But, I totally know what you mean about that drive. It definitely feels like home to me too. So glad you’ve found your home there!

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