Devon + Keith | Day After Wedding Kitty Hawk Session

If you’ve been on the blog recently, you’ve seen this beautiful couple’s wedding day! Because they did it awesomely on a Monday here on the beautiful Outer Banks, they had all week to spend relaxing with family but I was lucky enough to see them TWICE and shoot with them again the following day, on their one day wedding anniversary hahaha! Again, the light and weather played to their favor…and if you know them, you know they truly deserve that.

This dress is Devon’s sweet, amazing mama’s dress. It’s been altered to her preferred style but it was originally her mama’s and I just can’t get enough of that because she is SUCH a sweet woman and they are so close! They are both nurses at the same hospital..can it get any cuter between them? I admire than more than they know. I hope my girls love me that way some day!!! :):)

You two– thank you. I’ve been so in a whirlwind of happiness since working with you and being a part of your day, I can never thank you enough, truly!!! 🙂 Thank you for being amazing models the day after here in gorgeous Kitty Hawk NC next to my favorite pink house on the beach!!!! 🙂


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  1. Rebecca Thompson says:

    We are getting married at Myetts Cane Garden Bay Oct. 17th a little before sunset. It will be a small short ceremony but would like to have some pictures done. Wondering what you charge for this sort of thing. My name is Rebecca Thompson 1-312-543-3113

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