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WOW. This was WAY harder than in 2014 with just baby Ellie (9 months) and Cammy (almost 3) ,haha! And we needed MORE stuff then because the tinier the child, the more gear required… but this was tough. We were SUPER hot, lines were long for characters, the girls ALL wanted to ride in the tiny $25 stroller and…

IT WAS WORTH IT. Every single second and penny, it was worth it. If you’ve been following along our story for the past almost two years, you may know about our car accident. In March of last year (2017) – we were hit by a driver who ran a stop sign and it was a horrible, scary experience. Mike had JUST started a new job and had to immediately use 4 days of his vacation/sick time to take care of me. With that said, we simply ran out of vacation days to be able to take our girls to Disney as planned that year because Mike and I are a husband and wife team for the 8 hour wedding days we book and because we travel so often, we knew he would need every bit of those last few days for work. We wanted that trip SO badly, especially after the accident!!! But we knew it was meant to happen when it did, this was such a fun time for us especially considering some of the recent health news I’ve gotten. The last time we went to Disney, it was right after a really hard week and the same thing happened this time.

So thanks to my bride Kayla’s bridesmaid Andrea, we were all set with our fast passes, dining plan, Bippity Boppity Boutique reservations, etc! We REALLY prefer to keep the itinerary or plans light, and we did just that. Not too much pressure, if we miss something we miss it and go on to the next thing. But the one thing we couldn’t miss was that boutique experience…and you will see why below! MY GIRLS!!! My THREE daughters!!!!! Oh my gosh we were in tears, Mike and I. We waited the whole year to give them a “big moment” – we go SO small or not at all on presents most of the time, this felt like such a huge deal and we loved our trip no matter how hot and sweaty and tired we were, lol!




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  1. Tammy says:

    LOVE all the pics…the princesses are just darling and look like they had so much fun! A wonderful trip for a wonderful family! So glad you got to go and enjoy yourselves!! Memories are priceless!!

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