Eight Years | I Love You, Mike Hedgepeth!

Eight years since that perfect Autumn back in Norfolk. The temperature was ideal, the air felt fresh and new (which I don’t say a lot of my memories of Norfolk, haha!) … life changed. Not too long before, I had broken up with someone who deliberately hurt me over and over and over and realized my life actually had value. I realized my life was worth living, and happily. And then I met you. That’s no coincidence.

You first kissed me on October 1st and got sand all over my face on the beach after class one night. I will NEVER forget thinking, ohhh geez, what a nerd! I think I love this nerd. I think this is going somewhere big.

Then we became official on October 8 and two weeks later we were drunkenly saying I love you drinking PBR’s in a college bar, keeping it classy like only we knew how 🙂 I knew I loved you on THIS day, October 8, but it seemed scary and a little crazy to let you know so quickly, even though I knew you felt it, too. That’s the weirdest thing to me because we’re always told to be slow, move cautiously, don’t jump in. But when you meet the right person…you DO jump in. You never even had a serious girlfriend before me (I mean..I can’t take them seriously 😛 hahahahaha) and so this was all a HUGE deal. We moved right in together and we knew it was because it was real and that it was forever.

You’ve seen me through the hardest times and we always hold each other through the good, the bad and the “go get me another barbecue sandwich because I’m pregnant…again” LOL!! Three daughters, Mike, THREE DAUGHTERS. As if you weren’t enough of a dream man to me, you’ve given me THREE daughters…that’s like my absolute DREAM come true! I would have been happy either way but my heart is a girl mom heart and I will never stop loving you for those precious gifts of ours.

I love more now than I ever did. I will always be the best mother to your girls and the best wife to love and support you for the rest of FOREVER together. HAPPY EIGHT YEARS…can’t wait for our date tonight!

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