Eli Turns One! | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

I just don’t even know where to begin with this little wildy happy child! He is SOOO sweet! Talk about pleasant, the whole time he smiled. The wind was SO bad on the bay..that even when we got sandblasted, he shook it off and smiled. WOW!

When I first started talking to Linsey about portraits I remembered seeing her post adorable pictures of Eli on Facebook and was SOO excited that she wanted me for his one year old portraits because I couldn’t get enough of him! He always looked happy, and guess what, he always is! Paul & Linsey make for two incredible parents. They are so playful and loving with Eli and you can see them melt with every cute move he makes. They are head over heels for their perfect little boy and it’s an inspiration to see them interact so genuinely with him. This kind of family interaction makes me love what I do and appreciate my job. I get to stop moments in time, and these moments made me MELT. Thank you two SO much for letting me capture this fun day with your family on the beach! I love you guys! 🙂




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