Elizabeth + RJ | Nags Head Couples Session

There is ONE type of day around here I love more than anything. It’s literally magical. It’s usually in the 70’s, occasional wild gusts of wind, really orange and yellow WARM sunshine and something else that makes it sparkle…super salty air. NOT fog, but like salt and mist dancing around everywhere. I mean… I can’t even write this without being giddy!!!!!! AHHH! It happened! It happens for me like ONCE a year when it gets this good, a combo of all of these perfect coastal elements all in one place and on a day where I’m shooting…and I can’t think of a couple who would appreciate this more than my fellow beach-loving friends, Elizabeth and RJ!

Elizabeth is a photographer with a sweet heart living in Hampton Roads and she ALSO has a print shop that is so worth checking out! This girl knows the value of this kind of salt air. Her soul is connected to the tides and she lives for the ocean’s power and peace. RJ you are such a perfect match for this sweet heart and I’m so thankful we got to shoot this together during your birthday celebration, Elizabeth! Thank you for the honor and happy, happy birthday!!!!! 🙂

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