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#elliedowhatshewants is her hashtag (one of them!) for a reason. There is something so fierce and hilarious and sparkly and entertaining about this child and just when you think you nailed it knowing her…she changes it up a little bit. She wants treats and she wants hugs and she wants to be free. That’s it!!! That’s it…I figured it out as I wrote.

She wants to be free.

Her spirit is free and fun and happy and full of the sweetest little chubby giggles and we all adore her through and through. She inspires me to love in a different way, arguing with her is impossible and she is a total sour patch kid but she always makes it known at the end of a day, no matter what kind of two year old meltdowns happened…that she loves you. One time recently she said “mommy, I don’t love you. I love Daddy. Oh mama, I like your hair it SO PREDDY!” I’m sorry…what? But the thing is…I didn’t even care what she said before because she apparently thought my hair was pretty and the way she says it, in that little voice…it makes you feel like a million BUCKS!

Now…she’s a ballerina. ALREADY. A poor little ballerina who has broken out skin with eczema, double styes in her eyes because of what we think may be an allergic reaction and her hair is too fine (like mine) to stay in a bun. I can’t even stop laughing…she was SOOO CUTE in class you guys like SO so amazingly cute! She was so confident, too! She didn’t cry..and she used to cry a lot at the YMCA when I first started going and dropping her off! I think it helped that she was obsessed with the idea of ballet because she’s been watching Cammy for two years now and now…it’s HER turn, too!

Wanna see a cute video? It’s one of the recent ones post on Instagram!

Have you ever seen the pancake post? OH MAN 🙂

We are so proud of you baby girl! I LOVE that belly in that leotard and ohhhhweeeeee those tights on those legs! GET IT GIRRRL! 🙂


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