Ellie’s First Beach Trip | Personal

This is like a Christening in our home. The FIRST toes in the sand, toes in the ocean, beach experience initiation. We’ve been twice before, but she never left the carrier! Yesterday, our littlest love, Miss Elliebells put her toes in the sand and geeked out in pure happiness! Oh my heart, to see her react this way! I KNEW it was meant to be that I hauled my $3500 camera and $1600 lens to the beach because I NEEDED these images to be gorgeous! Ellie gave me the best smile and reactions ever. I adore her. She is our sweet little precious innocent angel that we just adore with every single fiber of our being. She has THE best personality ever and fits in so wonderfully! She TRULY balances out her adorably wild sister!

Right in front of the world’s eyes, here it is. A little girls first real beach moment. We are so excited that soon we’ll be doing this as often as possible in OBX, our new home in 32 days! 🙂

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But definitely wanted to include some of our favorite cell phone pics too!! 🙂


Drool for days..ALLLL the time!image[1]
Good daddy doing the sunscreen thang for Cam!
image[2] image[3]

First time with toes in the ocean!


LOVE that big sister wanted to help her!!!! 🙂


Both my girls love sleeping on the beach, YESSS! 🙂 image[6]

Daddy went to get lunch and Cammy wasn’t much help, she passed out 🙂 He’s so amazing!! 🙂 image[7] image[8]

Someone is very happy that she just had her first big beach day!! 🙂


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  1. Jess says:

    You know I LOVE those rolls so much!!! I just want to kiss those legs of Ellie’s!!

  2. Kathleen Carey says:

    This is so precious! Y’all definitely made the right choice to move to the beach!
    And Taste!! My favorite beach picnic meal! Wonderful choice!

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