Ellie’s Top Five Hilarious Videos | Happy Birthday Ellie!

We just finished watching these videos before posting and I’m dying laughing — this is what I should do EVERY morning to start my day haha! Ellie’s little three years on Earth is hardest to come to terms with because hers has gone the fastest for me. I look at videos from her just a year ago and think wow, Amanda…she’s changed. A LOT. That girl is hilarious beyond all hilarious!!!! In fact, we have five REALLY FUNNY videos from Ellie over the past two years you may enjoy a lot this morning — we linked them from our Instagram account and hope they make your day!!

Ellie wants to go to school, all “my byself” carrying her corn and water:

Ellie & Cammy slow-mo argument:

Ellie’s pancake voice and Cammy’s Squidward reaction:Β 

Hair pulling sister bickering fight:


Ellie’s finger pointing Taylor Swift moves:



I think it’s also wonderfully ironic that I gave my little sister (a middle child) a niece on her birthday, a niece who is now also a middle child… haha! So, happy birthday to my little sister Alex, too!! πŸ™‚

Alex, me and Ellie when Ellie was born! Katie Nesbitt Photography πŸ™‚

Ellie…we are so proud of you baby girl. THREE!!! I can’t wait to light the birthday candles in your birthday biscuit this morning when you FINALLY wake up haha!!!Β 1899651_10100839035712837_2095529800_o3m9b8438



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