Ellie’s Video Blog Debut | Ellie Do What She Wants

Welcome to the world of Ellie…where one minute she’s telling you she loves Daddy and NOT you, and the next…and I mean literally seconds later, she tells you how pretty your hair is, HA! We LOVE this wild little middle child full of spunk, sass and straight up hilarious phrases I couldn’t come up with for her if I tried, she’s so unique and true to herself and it’s a beautiful {entertaining} thing!

I posted on Instagram recently to ask which of the mermaids would you most want to see a video blog from and we know people love all three of the girls but Ellie won….BY A LANDSLIDE. You know she is full of biscuits and adorableness and yep, she threw a nose pick in there and then didn’t care one bit because that is just her! We love you Ellie, GOOD JOB on your first video blog!!! 🙂




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  1. Ali says:

    You’re the best mama! I love the way you talk to her.

  2. brittjwill says:

    This is SO incredible cute. You have such beautiful daughters 😍

  3. JP2R says:

    THIS!!! This was SO much fun! Thanks for making my day!

  4. Nicole says:

    so stinkin’ adorable 💞

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