Emily + Daniel | Maymont Richmond Wedding

Emily was an absolute joy from email one. There is something kind and genuine about her that is readable through emails and I ALWAYS appreciate this! I love when I can hear someone’s tone through their words. I was so excited to shoot this wedding because these two are so head over heels and when you get to the ceremony part of this blog post – you’ll see it. Daniel has to hold back tears to get through it getting started and Emily and has the sweetest smile facing Daniel letting the tears just completely well up in her eyes while looking right at him. These are the moments that everyone around us can feel during weddings, and it’s contagious. When I turned to look behind me, everyone there was just as much in the moment as they were and I LOVE when that can be felt among the guests!!! We were laughing, then crying, then laughing again and these two are filled with so much charm I don’t even know if they realize how much of it they have πŸ™‚ I think my favorite moment is them having their first dance right there in their reception space with the world moving around them. And to them, it’s just the two of them there in those minutes πŸ™‚


Ceremony: Maymont Park | Richmond, Virginia
Reception: Belle
Officiant: Julie Trump
Musician: Stefan Heuer

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