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This has been quite the ride with little lady number two. I’m sitting here typing this at 12:16am as I am going absolutely miserably CRAZY with restless leg syndrome and acid reflux awoken from an ironic and rare early bed time. I am usually going to sleep around midnight and because tonight I worked hard to get laying down right around 11, of course I would be up instead because of something! Ahhh!!!!!! It’s just all a part of the experience folks 🙂

But it’s not all bad, at all. I have been so beyond lucky to have another healthy and fairly smooth pregnancy and I will never take that for granted. I will however be honest about what’s going on here, and this second time around has been much, much harder!

A couple of good points, on a somewhat shallow platform– I have only gained 17 lbs so far and with Cammy the entire time I gained only 25. Also, so FAR………….but I think little ones could appear any moment, no stretch marks. Bio-oil’s been my buddy. I have also continued to look pregnant from the front only like I swallowed a basketball, and looking great during pregnancy is a nice perk considering how you really feel some days!

The morning sickness was unbearable in the beginning. Thank you adrenaline and zofran for getting me through the really hard parts and for getting me through shooting, it was so difficult but I MADE it! The first big day of morning sickness was a wedding I shot at the Botanical Gardens in June and I woke up that morning like oh my gosh, how will I physically make it through this?! Am I going to even live? Yes- yes I did. Something kicks in and takes care of you when you have that excitement pumping through! I eventually got over the morning sickness by August and felt great again..for a while.

This time around, the restless legs were WORSE. The discomfort came more quickly and now here at 36 weeks I can hardly literally sit down in a chair without my stomach crushing my lungs. I have a TINY torso– I’m 5 feet tall! I remember seeing my doctor with Cammy around 38-39 weeks and she jokingly looked at my stomach and said– where else does your baby have to go?!?? HAHHA! She is so right! But this time, I feel that way sooner. Ellie is without a doubt more active and powerful and likes to be in REALLY crazy positions in my stomach and it’s been very painful. But obviously, very worth it.

I was told to rest several times and didn’t, of course. I tried, and some days I really did a little more than others but I really have a problem with not being busy and cleaning and keeping the house neat and manageable. I also hate feeling lazy and just sitting there, even though just SITTING there while you’re pregnant is hard work because…you’re making a human after all!

I would love for people to take it from me and REST during their pregnancies and not spend the whole thing so busy busy working on their feet all day. I can never get these days with Ellie in my belly back, so I have to— HAVE TO spend the last couple of weeks just laying there more, with her sister by my side, feeling her move and taking it all in. You know I’m gonna say “I miss being pregnant” when it’s over, so I need to take more advantage of it now 🙂

In conclusion..I love pregnancy. Even these really rough times. I love feeling so beautiful growing another life and I love my girls more than anything in this world. I love my husband that literally takes care of me and gets me anything and everything I want to eat and drink in this world after he works long hard days at work. I love my little Cammyroo for holding my hair back…YES, she DID, while I was getting sick in the beginning, learning how to go grab her own diaper and wipe from her room when she needed changes and I could hardly walk and for kissing and hugging my belly all day, nick naming it the Ellie Belly and telling me how much she loves her sister. I LOVED this amazing experience.

Thank you to all who have been so supportive, loving and caring about this working mama of almost TWO girls and followed our journey. Incredible to think..I started my business almost four years ago and am at the end of my second pregnancy…don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t have a family AND live your dream job. I’m so glad I never listened to that empty advice. These girls are what inspire my love of photography.

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  1. It was fun learning that you are 5 feet tall. So am I, exactly 5 feet! I love it. Having two girls will be so much fun!!!

  2. Sorry you are having to go through the terrible stage of the pregnancy….been there…done that. It will all be worth it in the end♥

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