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I said it at CLIC and I’ll say it again now. It seems so simple. So elementary to say “oh, my workflow secret? LISTS”. But you know what? A lot of people do not think of this. Or, they think of it and then decide they don’t need it. I’m telling you right now- it’s a BIG big big game changer when you’re a person who has another job, or kids, or something else you have to worry about in life besides JUST your photography business. The older we get, the more we add things to our lives and to do lists, the more we NEED lists and structure in order to keep up with everything successfully. Moms– lists are your FRIENDS. We learn to live with the constant occurrence of distractions as a mother or parent so when you are on track, getting things done and on a roll..and then someone needs REALLY may completely forget where you were and what you were doing before. Can I just tell you how many times since Cammy has been born I’ve walked back into the kitchen just to find that the refrigerator door has been left open for the past hour? Don’t even get me stah-ted. 

LISTS. MAKE THEM. BUT– LEAVE THE HOUSE TO MAKE THEM! If you have kids or not, just go to a place you can concentrate and let’s do this people! Get it together, you NEED structure.

When you start a new job at a company that’s already established by someone else, not YOUR business– you basically get trained and/or handed a manual saying this is how we do things here. A manual that has been crafted and put together based on trial and error and past experience figuring out how things are going to work best for that company.

When you START your own business? No manual, honey m’am. YOU are the manual maker. So you know how these crazy busy photographers and business owners everywhere keep up with their stuff!? They have workflow and structure in place to keep themselves on track because you MUST ACCEPT that although you may feel like superman/woman– you can’t always do it all! You can not possibly remember it all. Just wait until I blog my session workflow and how it went from 5 steps to 20 steps over the past four years! You won’t even believe the difference, but thank goodness I have it written down to keep up with it!

So today we’re just talking basic and easy, but necessary. The EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST for weddings. When you’re getting ready for a wedding, you have a lot of little things to remember and leaving ONE thing out can be crazy. What if you remember EVERY single thing..but not your light stand? YIKES! Or your batteries but not the charger that you may need just in case! It consists of the pretty basic and obvious stuff but then there’s an extended version that covers random non-equipment related things that I believe I need in order to be content to shoot a wedding! Chapstick? YES seriously I am so miserable without it by the reception because of all of the moving and talking! Don’t laugh, but here’s my personal equipment checklist on the blog today!:

(**Also, I definitely recommend packing the night before for a wedding. JUST in case something happens or you have a rough start to the morning with not feeling well or sick kids, or just life..why not get it done and enjoy your morning beforehand?**)


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  1. erin says:

    CARDIGAN!!! YES!! Do you know I shot my first wedding of the season and the weather man said it was supposed to be 80 degrees…The ceremony was on the beach, so I dressed in a tank top dress and flip flops….OMG..the wind shifted and blew off the ocean making it feel like 50 degrees….Needless to say, lesson learned!! I did not pack a cardigan that day. You better believe that is now on the TOP of my “random” list!! LOL!! 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    This post is wonderful–and so helpful (as all of them are). You are such a helpful and encouraging source! Is there a specific card holder and battery holder (you mentioned that you hook them to your shoot sack) that you love? Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and business with your readers!!

  3. Lauren says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I so appreciate your willingness to share with us.

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