Erica + Nick | Part Two | Williamsburg Winery Wedding Photographer

As promised, part two 🙂
So while I was going through these images, I kept thinking…this is what I love more than anything. The way these two people are looking at each other during this ceremony is incredible..the sincerity in their eyes during moments of their wedding day all the way down to the end of the reception where we snuck into the wine cellar and got some gorgeous sweet and emotional images of the newlyweds enjoying each other’s company 🙂 I am beyond fortunate to do this for a living.
I love my every single one of my couples and the love they have for one another, this wedding was such a perfect one to end the year with!!!!!! AND PLEASE, check out how incredible the lighting is!!! I can’t wait to work with Blue Steel Lighting & Design again..and I am DEFINITELY doing a blog post on them soon! Their lighting changed *everything*!!! What a mood setter, so gorgeous :)Thank you to:
The Williamsburg Winery
ROGER <3 from Astro DJ Entertainment

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  1. Alex says:

    These are so gorgeous, I literally am tearing up at work!!! :'(

  2. erin says:

    OMG….the bride has sparkles in her eyes! LOVE!!! And the guy on the dance floor?!?!?!?!! What the what? He was AH-MAZING!!!

  3. Andrea says:

    These are fantastic!!! WOW what a gorgeous job!

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