Erin + Austin | Virginia Beach Anniversary Session

Thank GOODNESS I met Erin. What a breath of fresh air, real to the core, colorful, beautiful person inside and out. I have adored her since day one. I met her at Echo and Jeff’s AWESOME wedding two years ago when I was pregnant and she had JUST had her third gorgeous child. I kept thinking, wow– she is a REALLY nice vendor…which is always awesome to come across in the wedding industry! She treated me so well and we kept in touch, this was back when she was doing hair and makeup so I referred her again to a couple more weddings that we got to work together and I loved seeing her every time.

Erin and I ended up talking all the time and she told me in her heart, she knew she LOVED photography and she wanted to pursue it. Of course I LOVED hearing this and I am so proud of how hard she works balancing three awesome children and running her new business, Erin Daniel Photography. People with a fire in their hearts and passion for learning and artistic expression are close to my heart 🙂 I was SOOOO glad when she asked me to shoot her and her handsome husband’s ten year anniversary session today! Austin is one of those guys who was so nice to me and willing to do whatever I asked..that I was confused and had to keep over-asking if he was sure. Basically, a dream. I LOVE guys like this hahaha!

They flirted, they laughed, they played. They ALSO rocked their original wedding attire– OH YEAH!!!!!! Who says you won’t wear your dress more than once? They never had a wedding and this was their portrait session. It may be 10 years later but it’s definitely not 10 years too late. LOVE YALL 🙂

The best part about these first’s the spot that they first met in Virginia Beach 🙂 That exact spot <3

Daniel-6 Daniel-1 Daniel-13 Daniel-29



2013-02-24_004 Daniel-52 Daniel-56 Daniel-57 Daniel-138 Daniel-62

 Daniel-38 Daniel-35 Daniel-34 Daniel-31  Daniel-140 Daniel-84 Daniel-79 Daniel-76 Daniel-73 Daniel-72 Daniel-65 Daniel-64




2013-02-24_006  Daniel-131

Daniel-141Daniel-124 Daniel-101 Daniel-102 Daniel-104 Daniel-105 Daniel-112 Daniel-115 Daniel-118 Daniel-119

Daniel-142Daniel-122 Daniel-98 Daniel-94

Daniel-135 Daniel-133

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  1. Hali Wood Griswold says:

    awe yay!!!! Erin you look beautiful!!!!! you both look so happy and in love 🙂

  2. Love this. So much color and love! <3

  3. triciastern says:

    this is beautiful!

  4. erin says:

    GIRL!!!!! The tears are flowing!!! THANK YOU!!

  5. Ashley Link says:

    wow!!! these are gorgeous!!! i love all of these so much! they make me giddy! they’re having so much fun and STILL so much in love! it’s adorable! 🙂 great job capturing their love story!

  6. Alex says:


  7. Tears in my eyes…my heart is so full to see tgat my kids are so happy! The two ofyou are so blessed as we are to have you! Sweet love!

  8. Love these. Possibly some of my favorites you’ve ever done, Amanda! It is so refreshing to see a couple whose hearts still have so much love for one another after so much time has passed.

    1. erin says:

      OMG!!!! That is so sweet of you to say that!!! Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Katrina Critides says:

    LOVE..These pictures brought tears to my eyes….!!!

  10. Brittany says:

    Love this! Clearly they are still so much in love and it makes me happy!!

  11. this makes me want to do the same thing for my ten year wedding anniversary!

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