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Two years ago, two big changes occurred in our lives right around the same time. One was very negative, and the other was very positive and honestly we had no idea how great it was about to be… it ended up being the catalyst to something amazing for us and we are SO thankful.

We were in a car accident in March of 2017 and one week later, I ordered a starter kit from Young Living. I had broken facial bones, bruises that actually scared my family because they were so intense and I was in one of the worst emotional states I had ever been in – full of trauma, stress, fear, completely on edge. I just wanted to try anything (including the wonderful therapy I went to including brainspotting, which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone post-accident/trauma) – and I thought having a little Lavender to diffuse at night and finding some ways to use the other things in the starter kit “may be nice”.

To my massive surprise…it was so much more than NICE. I really had convinced myself “I’ll probably only use Lavender” because the thought of learning about things and figuring out how to use them was NOT on my radar at the time. I wanted simple and easy and user friendly. What I didn’t realize was that I would fall so in love with Thieves for immunity support & cleaning, Lemon for a pep of cheerfulness & cleanliness in the air, Digize for digestive support I SO needed at the time and MORE. I didn’t rush into making sure I understood every single one right away, I kind of chose one to focus on and figured out how it would be best used by me and the family, and then moved on to the next one. We got to know each of the oils and their uses and eventually started to use them ALL!

So here’s one other thing to know about me. I will go REALLY CHEAP on some things (catch me all up in Walmart with the cheap trashcan, toothbrush holder, dishes and silverware and all the things) – but when it comes to cleaning products, perfumes, shampoos, etc – things that affect our family’s well-being, I have to have good and non-toxic stuff. I TRULY always thought that we wouldn’t be able to afford to live that way because a part of me is perpetually the girl at the bus stop, waiting for the #2 bus on Hampton Boulevard to take her to a job where she barely makes more than minimum wage…just to end up picking up dropped coins off the ground in drive-thrus to be able to buy the cheap 99 cent Suave shampoo. I had almost convinced myself that I would need to stay in toxic product world because I wouldn’t be able to afford anything cleaner.

Young Living products have to go through an incredibly high amount of tests to meet standards before they are passed on to the public (Seed to Seal Promise) and for that, I’m completely grateful. In a world where people are selling toxic products and completely getting away with it, their goal is to provide a safe alternative and it doesn’t hurt that all of it smells incredible either. We have gotten rid of ALL of our cleaners in our home and replaced it with ONE kind..and wait until I show you how economically friendly that option is below! The shampoo and body wash I’m using and my children are using, they are all a safer option that I never thought as a budgeting girl using Dave Ramsey (and ALMOST DONE with Baby Step 2!) would be able to afford.

So… how do you afford safer and more “expensive” products, especially if you are budgeting and trying to knock out debt? I have some suggestions below and some examples of shifts we’ve made that have allowed for this to happen in our family. We went from spending $350-$400 a month on “self care” products that were NOT safe to us to spending just around $300 for CLEAN, safe, non-toxic self care products AND oils that we love to use for emotional, sleep, digestive and immunity support as well! WIN WIN!!!! 

(See this Thieves cleaner? For a 14.4 fl oz bottle at $22.50 member price, it can make 30-60 bottles of cleaner depending on how strong you like it. One to two capfuls of the solution, fill the rest with water, DONE. SMELLS AMAZING AND CLEANS POWERFULLY!) 

1. Simplify your home, declutter the self care products, throw away expired items, PREPARE for a clean slate and wise purchasing patterns. Have you ever bought deodorant because you swore you were out just to find a three pack waiting for you that was hiding behind something else in your cabinet? The first step to budgeting and making wise and practical purchases is to know what you have. I truly, TRULY believe that if you’re looking forward to making any change in your life… the best way to get the ball rolling is a big, beautiful simplifying sweep. Knowing your inventory is so important. Living in clutter and chaos leads to wasting money on purchases you didn’t need to make in the first place. So first things first… CLEAN SLATE your home! If you already have products you want to finish out first before switching, THAT IS FINE! No one should be toxic product shaming you to stop using anything and be telling you to throw it all away immediately. If you want to? That’s fine! If not, I understand being practical and wanting to use what you already purchased. We did that and we think there’s nothing wrong with it.

2. Decide what household/personal care items you want to start to phase out that you currently own and switch to Young Living… and keep a WISH LIST in your phone, or email it to yourself, or in your planner. If I switched over to everything I wanted to all at once…my order would have been most likely over $700, LOL, so I made sure to honor my budget for our ER (Essential Rewards) orders (Mike has one, I have one…because we are doing the business side, that have to be 100PV or just around $100 each… regular Essential Rewards without doing the business side is just 50PV or just about $50 a month!) and pull from the list accordingly. We budgeted about $100 for my order and $200 for Mike’s and it covers what we need from dental care to hygiene to washing our dishes and clothes and hands, etc!

Here are our orders from last month. We don’t need to order the SAME things monthly, some things are always repeats (Thieves oil, Lavender, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc) and some rotate based on what we’re low on!

Genesis Hand & Body Lotion
Thieves Laundry Soap
Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill
Thieves Mouthwash
Satin Facial Scrub (this is our face wash in the shower)
Rose Ointment (for dry skin)
Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner
Thieves Toothpaste
Shutran 3-in-1 Men’s Wash

Oils for Wellness/Self-Care:
Thieves Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Valor Essential Oil

What came FREE with the orders:
Thieves Essential Oil 5 ml
Peppermint Essential Oil 5ml
Vetiver Essential Oil 5 ml
Clary Sage Essential Oil 5 ml

What we ordered for FREE from our Essential Reward points! This is the BEST PART of being enrolled in the program, it’s like a monthly wellness box and all you need to spend is around $50 a month (LOVE the budgeting aspect of this!):

  • Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo
  • Grapefruit Vitality (I put this in my water!)
  • Thieves Toothpaste
  • Thieves Mouthwash
  • Children’s Body Wash (KidScents Body Gel)
  • Children’s Shampoo (KidScents Shampoo)

See how many of these things are practical, necessary items for your home and family? I BARELY log on to Amazon anymore because I am budgeting our monthly necessities within our ER (Essential Rewards) orders and it makes complete sense. I don’t like scattered purchasing (Amazon is great for that, buy something really quickly and get it quickly because you need it – yes, but Amazon doesn’t reward you with points back for purchases either, lol! ) but scattered purchasing breaks my my budgeting flow. I like to plan how much we’re going to spend, on average (so for us, no more than $300) on self care products, hand soap, laundry detergent, cleaner, dental care, etc and it WORKS for us to do this so much better than the perpetual sign on and buy from Amazon every couple of days. We are so much more likely to honor our budget for these self care and wellness items if we have ONE planned order for them monthly which is exactly what Essential Rewards orders are. Then, we use our reward points we know are coming and stock up on some additional things OR pick up something we missed or were unexpectedly low on. See how I order Copaiba Vanilla conditioner in Mike’s ER order and then got the shampoo for free with our reward points? I never know how many points I’m getting but you start to get a general idea when you order consistently with a budgeted ER order monthly! 🙂

Some items we’re putting in our order for next month:

Thieves Dish Detergent
KidScents Shampoo
Lavender Essential Oil
White Angelica Essential Oil (x2) (my FAVORITE for emotional support)
Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder
KidScents Lotion
Shutran Bar Soap
Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash
Satin Facial Scrub
Thieves Toothpaste
Shutran 3-in-1 Men’s Wash
Thieves Laundry Soap
Thieves Essential Oil Blend
Morning Start Body Wash

Things we’ll probably pick up with our free points:

Thieves Dish Soap
Kids Toothpaste
Lemon Vitality
Thieves Hand Sanitizer

3. We don’t pay for these because we’re doing the business side and our YL paycheck is more than covering our orders! Do you HAVE to do this?! NO! You guys – you don’t have to do the business side. AT ALL. Is it amazing!? YES – but you don’t have to! It took me almost TWO years to decide to do the business side, and yes, I wish I did it sooner, but what you if you did it and it paid for your orders and then started paying your family? What a GIFT!

If you aren’t doing the business side, your Essential Rewards order only has to be 50PV (around $50) and if you are doing the business side, your ER order has to be at least 100PV (around $100) BUT considering we were spending $300-400 on dish detergent, soap, self care, dental, etc for our family on Amazon monthly – this is a GIFT because it PAYS YOU BACK!!! 

So how do we budget for Essential Rewards/Young Living non-toxic products for our family while doing Dave Ramsey? We keep our budget to around $300 per month for these items BUT we are essentially getting it all for free and then getting a paycheck on top of it. It has been a gift to say the very least. The courses are free, the education is free, the resources are everywhere in our essential oil community, what a huge gift for a family trying to pay off that last $19K out of our starting point of $59K!


HOW do you sign up for Young Living? It is SO easy and here’s what you need to know, I’ll simplify!

1) You are never obligated to order monthly

2) There is no monthly fee or yearly fee at all

3) You NEVER have to do the business side

4) YOU HAVE FREEDOM WITH THIS and get to be in control of your purchasing

5) In order to become a member and perpetually receive 24% off of the retail pricing, you have to do one thing: order a starter kit. THAT IS IT! And you WANT to order a starter kit so you can have the diffuser, the diverse set of oils and really get a well rounded amount of items to start with that you will totally fall in love with. To maintain membership, all you have to do is spend $50 in a calendar year, including your starter kit purchase. We always PayPal back $25 (or send an Amazon gift card!) to people who sign up with a Premium Starter Kit like this one pictured above!

6) To sign up under me, you can click THIS link…and if you want a little extra guidance and walk through when signing up I have a screen video I made that shows you step by step how to walk through AND explains some further info to you! Just email me anytime!

7) After that..WELCOME TO OUTER BANKS OILS! I love our growing community that is so kind and loves sharing the ways they are using their oils and products and I look SO forward to continue growing this! I see an Outer Banks Oils retreat in the salt air in our future some day!

THANK YOU FOR READING! Let me know if I can help you create your Essential Rewards order or get you started with this INCREDIBLE company we adore and believe so much in today! XOXO


Love, Amanda Hedgepeth

Outer Banks Oils
Instagram: @outerbanksoils 

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