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They are not kidding when they talk about nesting being a THING. I’m already a mama bird fluffing up this nest on the weekly, determined to keep things generally neat and organized and manageable…but a new baby coming into our life? WHEW buddy..step aside here come the detail oriented lists and tasks galore. Let’s DO THIS!!!

One thing you know about if you follow our Instagram or blog is that we have spent the past almost two years transitioning to the mindset and physical setting of a “simple life”. While living in Hampton Roads, although we LOVED all of the stores, restaurants, people, wedding vendors and opportunities..we didn’t feel like it was home to us and we needed to transition to a place where just standing outside was simply enough..and it all started with Cammy just 18 months looking up one night after a grocery trip asking mommy and daddy why she never sees stars at our house. We lived under the orange glow of the Ferrell Parkway and it never seemed to let us see enough stars at night…and she noticed that. We needed a place where just breathing in the perfect salt air and seeing those stars would exist for us. We took a good hard look around and realized after Ellie was born that we wanted a fresh start somewhere that fit our hearts and personalities better and that’s what brought us down to the place where we tied the knot 5 years ago, the Outer Banks.

This transition came with a cost though…some BIG soul searching. We sold or got rid of an extremely large amount of tangible things from the kitchen to our closets to our furniture and we had to ask ourselves…what really makes us happy? Things? Or memories, moments and experiences?

I will tell you that a lot of people talk about mom life being messy, and not perfect, and that’s TRUE…but I am one of those people that hates messes and when we got rid of so much of that tangible crap, we felt WAY less of that uncontrollable mess and chaos that we used to. I HIGHLY recommend sifting through the toys, clothes, kitchen stuff and seeing what you really need every couple of months! There are so many things we hold on to that we don’t need that other families in need would LOVE to be able to have and use! Donate, sell, just SIMPLIFY! You won’t regret it if you are tired of the mess all the time and feel helpless drowning trying to keeping up with it!

I can’t function as a business owner in a huge mess. If there is a ton of laundry, I can’t work well…because I think about it and I know it’s there. So…naturally, when it came time to nest…mama went ALL OUT Type-A OCD prepared and made a typed list of what we needed to do PER room before the arrival of our third little girl! We love to know where everything is in our house, make sure we aren’t just throwing things inside of tubs and boxes and avoiding it. We like to KNOW what we have and I think that’s something super important! Life is already chaotic and unpredictable…so keeping THINGS organized sometimes can make life a lot easier in other regards. It may be hard when you’re first starting out, but breaking the habit of hoarding or mini-hoarding is suuuuuuch a stress reliever in the long run and WORTH it! Schedule a day to go through a bunch of your closets, bins and rooms uninterrupted..you’ll be SHOCKED at what you have that you do not need at all!

So here’s my nifty little set of tips and examples for mamas who are preparing for a baby and at the tail end of their pregnancies! You crazy little Type-A’s like me will not need help, I’m sure…but if you do need help…that’s what I’m sharing this for 🙂

1. Visualize each ROOM – I literally sit down and go okay, living room. What is in my living room that can be organized, gone through, thrown out/sifted through, etc. I think of the pieces of furniture, shelves, drawers and closets etc and I break down tasks that way. For instance, organizing the DVDs under the TV fits on that list, washing the curtains in the room, setting up the downstairs crate of diapers for the baby. Then I mentally just move to the next room…the kitchen. Okay, wash bottles/pacis, go under sink and see what cleaning products we need, clean the fridge out and look at expiration dates, etc. This has helped SO MUCH because it makes it easier to say “okay Mike, we’re doing these two rooms today! You take this and I’ll take that” and we totally knock things out room by room nice and organized and it feels like the tasks fly by!

2. Type this list + SAVE IT! – We realized it was really important to save this list early on, you do NOT wanna go to all this effort and then lose it! Additionally, once you start to cross out a ton of stuff, you may need to add new things along the way and it may get messy, so you can always kind of delete, reevaluate and add the new stuff on there and then reprint, keeping this list nice and neat instead of an eyesore covered in pen and highlighter, becoming unclear of what has and has been done.

3. Separate the list TYPES…long term/short term – The reason for this is simple, some things CAN’T be done too early and some things can’t wait until too late! We have a “massive nesting list” of projects such as the bottles being washed, cleaning out drawers, preparing the car with spare diapers, wipes, blankets, etc, checking the air filters in the house..ETC. Those things are “okay we’re 35 weeks along time to get them DONE soon but have a little time” tasks, but then there things that have to wait until closer to the due date..such as changing the fish water, trim the girls nails, throw away things in fridge that will/have gone bad, full tank of gas in car, etc. We have examples of these lists below! And I censored the days left before we have her because we aren’t telling anyone– but it IS this WEEK! 🙂

4. Have a last grocery trip before baby/first after they are born STOCK UP list – One of our BIGGEST lifesavers with our first daughter was making the big BJ’s trip the week before I was due!!! We stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, solo cups, paper plates, cereal, frozen food and pizza, snacks and made sure that we were ready to hibernate a little. Oh, water bottles, too! Just things that make life easier and more convenient…ESPECIALLY because we were brand new parents and we needed that!!

It’s not rocket science, I know..but some people are admittedly clueless when it comes to this stuff and we love to break things down very simply! Also, we know that you gals may go into labor WAY earlier than you expect so this could end up not working for you, but then again…what a better reason to get started on all that stuff as early as possible! There is NOTHING like coming home with that baby and feeling like, ahhhh, I have nothing I really need to do. I have done so much ahead of time and now I get to hold this new baby in a house where I know where everything is and I’ve done so much to prepare for this peaceful moment!

Happy Monday to you! 🙂

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