Favorite Beauty Products from AMAZON

I am the least beauty expert person out there … SO, if you can relate, MAYBE just maybe I’m the perfect person to share these things with you! Sometimes I like hearing about things from people who aren’t experts because I know I will be able to use and handle whatever they are sharing better because I’m not “trained” to do it – especially when it comes to things like makeup and hair.  I went through my DMs on Instagram and collected the most asked about products I’ve picked up from Amazon in the “beauty” and self care department and shared the links BELOW!

My light blue eyeshadow that works SO WELL

Self tanner (see the MIT I use below with it!)

Mit for self tanner

Picture of self tanner:

If you like hat above, it’s from Cultivate What Matters! Linked HERE!

The curling wand that has given me the best results I’ve ever gotten!

THE BEST FACE MASK EVER (I use it almost daily and it’s going to last me MONTHS)

Dry Shampoo – Not Your Mothers

Favorite chapstick EVER

Reusable cotton rounds that I use with witch hazel (witch hazel posted below)

THE BEST gentle witch hazel to use when taking makeup off, or just to clean skin

My magnetic eyelashes people LOVED in videos!

Picture with magnetic eyelashes…they make a difference!:

Hand and foot scrub

Exfoliator for pedicure

Nail buffer and files

Biotin (this is what made my hair grow so fast and keeps my nails from breaking!)

Spin pins to keep buns in (LOLOL)

Razors for dermaplaning – this has made a HUGE difference in how my makeup goes on!

Rose Quartz face roller

Satin pillow case, better for my hair AND skin!


All Amazon & Cultivate links are affiliate links! We receive a small portion of the purchase made through these links, but it doesn’t cost extra to use them 🙂 Thank you for supporting our small business! XO

I hope you love these products as much as I do!!! 🙂
XOXO, Amanda

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