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Well, more than anything I REALLY prefer to be Susie Sunshine. I LOVE to blog about the best ways to find happiness in the simple things, how good can be seen anywhere and how we choose to live a very HAPPY life in this household! And…we DO!! We still do!! But in the spirit of maintaining an honest blogging platform for business owning mothers, it’s so important for me to talk about the process of this pregnancy in order to stayΒ a truthful and HELPFUL resource to those seeking advice and insight into the world or pregnancy!!

Now, pregnancy is one of those SUPER relative topics. I know women who breeze through with hardly as much as one headache. I know women who feel almost crippled from day one with debilitating nausea, physical aches and raging hormones. Every single pregnancy is different…but generally, you can find others to relate to regarding certain symptoms and experiences. If you are having a ROUGH first trimester, this blog is for YOU!

We’re seven weeks along now, so still very early…but we KNEW there was no hiding this until the second trimester hit. With five weddings in May, several sessions, business obligations and social networking in-person events..there was just no hiding this. I would HATE for people to think I’m just blah on a normal basis, so I needed them to know the truth! Also, my stomach is already out showing (third baby– it REMEMBERS what it needs to do hahah!), I’m not my complete normal excited and energetic self and I’m very, very nauseous.

With that said — I physically rocked OUT shooting last weekend, a DOUBLE WEDDING WEEKEND with 17 hours of coverage, several HOURS of travel and still had the first one blogged on Tuesday (second coming Friday!) … how the HECK is that?! Here are a couple of things that got me through this weekend!

1. Anti-nausea meds from the doctor (NOT Zofran) — but they make me VERY tired. And if you know about the first trimester, you’re tired already, so it’s double tired BUT I will take lethargic and exhausted over nauseous any day!

2. Sparkling water/ginger ale — I am a WATER LOVER and guess what, I can hardly drink it at all right now! I am literally gagging when drinking water, which is depressing, but sparkling water is just perfect!! I need to stay hydrated and that is the best way for me right now!

3. Preggie pop drops — sour candies that help curb nausea, great while shooting weddings when you don’t have time for a snack!

4. Saltines, of an extent. Some of these foods that you eat when nauseous actually may start to psych you out because you’ll associate them WITH being sick! Try to rotate plain toast, pretzels, etc too! Other huge helps?! Smoothies, popsicles, applesauce!!

5. Having Mike massively pick up the cleaning slack — the poor guys works so hard, commutes over an hour each way, and he comes home and cleans the ENTIRE house. I can hardly bend over some days to pick up even one toy and he comes home and takes care of every dish, toy, laundry, etc! He knows in the second trimester I’ll perk up and become Type A OCD cleaning Amanda again and that I MUST BE SICK to not be cleaning up hahaha!!

6. RESTING — forcing myself to lay down, for once, and let this baby grow grow grow and not push myself so much like I have in the past!!

7. Having a WORK/EDITING schedule! I am SO thankful for this! I shot a gorgeous and elaborate wedding last Friday and had it blogged by Tuesday!! That is BIG!! Then we shot Saturday and that one will be up tomorrow– this is all thanks to CULLING ahead of time, organizing my editing schedule and jumping on it! This weekend I’ll have time to catch up on all sessions, too and deliver the images. Big relief! The last thing I want to do while already feeling rotten is have a couple of months turn around time!

8. Keeping my eye on the prize– keeping up with work, having Mike’s help and watching Cammy love all over me and thanking me for being pregnant, I know that second trimester is JUST around the corner in early June. I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat next week!!! This is a VERY difficult time, so if I am less than stoked on life for the next month– I am thankful you will understand ahahha!! πŸ™‚

It’s hard for me to admit that I have the first trimester blues. I feel like when I text or email I’m using less smileys and !!!!exclamation points…HAHA! I just love being full of sunshine and enthusiasm but I am pushing through as best I can right now, and I can’t thank you enough for the love and support while we grow Hedgepeth baby number THREE!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to blog more behind the scenes videos, images and share this journey with you! πŸ™‚ And I CAN NOT WAIT for Trimester TWO! XOXOX

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  1. lilpickmeup says:

    Hang in there. I’m 38 weeks along with my first, you gotta just take it one day at a time I suppose. But then again, I am totally new to this myself. Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚

  2. maddiepeschong says:

    thank you thank you thank you! Week 15 over here and JUST starting to not ride the struggle bus of nausea/fatigue/overall blues every single day. This is my first pregnancy and totally rocking my world – I had no idea! Here’s hoping for better days ahead, for both of us! Thanks for being so real!!!

  3. Hang in there momma! The sunshine is just around the corner!! πŸ™‚

  4. Heather Perez says:

    You are such a strong woman!! I am a complete baby when it comes to nausea and throwing up! I wrote you on Facebook when you told everyone that you were expecting. And I am also pregnant too! πŸ˜„ this is my first and so clueless. I am 6 weeks and my husband and I are very excited. First ultrasound is the 22ed and I can’t wait to see and hear the baby! I haven’t had nausea but maybe two times, and I haven’t throw up (knock on wood).When did your nausea and vomiting start? I know it’s different for everyone lol. I hope I’m that “odd” of a easy pregnancy…. lol

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