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I’ve been a photographer for THIRTEEN YEARS! And boy have I seen it all. I’ve come home soaking wet with salt water, bleeding from running into a rose bush, with what I thought were real contractions but were Braxton Hicks, I mean… it’s just been an intense experience. VERY many lessons learned, and because I primarily work with families on the beach now, I wanted to share five random BUT very important things I bring with me to sessions that have proven to be useful and/or provide peace of mind for both me and my clients.

1. STING KILL – Do you have bugs where you live? I’m willing to bet you do, lol! I bring this because we have jellyfish, mosquitoes and other things that hurt me and my clients and I don’t want them to sit and suffer through a bite or sting if they don’t have to! It’s cheap and easy to use, we have used it plenty of times on bad mosquito bites because two of our girls react really badly to them. You crack the middle of the plastic, squeeze and the green stuff shows up on the end and you apply it from there!



2. Bug Bite Thing – Another thing that helps with bites, and THIS ONE actually takes the stuff out that causes the itching. I have this with me at all times during the summer! Easy to use and if you use it quickly after a bite, it works!!!! There’s a hole on the end where you can attach it to your keyring, too!



3. Ziploc or reusable bags – Working at the beach, I can’t tell you how many kids and adults have randomly needed a bag for either a bow that a daughter won’t wear anymore, or a couple of shells they find while they’re there, or for something else random… even trash from snacks used to bribe kids with! It just seems to be something I keep having on hand that comes in handy every couple of sessions. This is definitely a mom preparedness thing, lol. I think the first time a client needed one and I didn’t have one, I made it a point to bring one every time. Now I’m glad I do!

4. Chewable asprin – I work with a lot of elderly people and many people who have health conditions that can put them at risk for a heart event, and having chewable Asprin on hand can be a literal lifesaver. I know it’s not my job to provide it, but something about having it on hand just makes me feel better and gives me some peace of mind!


5. My pjs or spare clothes – If you work by the water, you probably understand fully why this is necessary, lol! I always have beach towels in my car, BUT… sometimes that is not enough for the ride home. In the summer when the sun sets later, it’s kind of nice to drive home in my pj’s, too! Spare clothes are always a good idea if you’re working anywhere outdoors. You truly NEVER know when you’re going to need them! We’ve also given spare t-shirts to our little clients to ride home in, too – when they were too soaked from the ocean! 🙂

IN LIFE…my goal is to STAY MINIMAL. Have you seen our house!? It’s 800 sq ft and small. SMALL. We don’t have a lot of stuff, because we don’t have a lot of space. So when it comes to sessions… I don’t want to pack a giant suitcase of what-if items… but these are some of the random non-negotiables (and the spare clothes stay in the car so that doesn’t take up camera bag space) that I know will make a difference and come in handy. I think doing a little worst-case-scenario thinking plus evaluating what has gone wrong in the past and preparing for that with whatever items you need is a great idea to do ASAP so you feel better walking into your sessions! Why not!? You never know! Sessions can already be hard, set yourself up for success wherever you can!

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2 thoughts on “Five Non-Photography Things I Bring To Sessions | Family Photography

  1. Thanks for the info on the sting kits, I hadnt thought of that, In my rig I carry an emergancy tote that has a old comforter, a couple of gallon ziplock bags, Narcan cause I live in on the Oregon Coast, get lots of tourists and well you never know. I also keep an extra pair of leggings and a t shirt and old flannel in it.
    I also keep a tube of sunscreen in the jockeybox of my rig just in case and my trusty ball cap is on the dash.

  2. I love that you bring the Narcan with you – my older brother died of an overdose so thank you for being so thoughtful to potentially be able to save someone’s life out there!! You’re awesome!

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