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Since before moving to this incredible sandbar, I started shooting weddings down here DREAMING of the day I could drive home down the road at the end of the nights. Now having Mike (my husband!) be my second shooter and make that drive with me, I can assure you that after stopping for 711 nachos and a soda to split we have some really heartfelt conversations about how thankful we are to do this together and how WE remember being that Outer Banks couple by the sea promising forever, the BEST, craziest weather day of all. So speaking of THAT – let’s talk about five things we think Outer Banks brides should know before getting married here!

1. Permits MAY be required for chairs/ceremonies on the beach but it varies from town to town. Definitely make sure you call the city because we didn’t need a permit unless we had 20 chairs on the beach, so we just had everyone stand for a quick ceremony and had the grandparents sit in chairs. Click HERE to see the INCREDIBLE resource list from I Do Obx Chairs is filled with so much helpful info regarding rules and regulations. I love and recommend them for sure!

2. Wind happens. LOTS of wind sometimes. So much so that even a hurricane may happen and this is why we highly recommend wedding insurance. I know it’s not fun to think about but what if something gets damaged or you have to cancel? It’s possible and it does happen. This place is SUCH a dream to tie the knot at but you have to really consider insurance if you’re heavily investing in your venue and throwing a huge affair! If you’re doing something small and flexible for reschedule, you wouldn’t need to worry about that so much. You can research options on your own and click HERE for another option from a vendor on the Outer Banks Wedding Association directory.

3. You need a back up plan for beach ceremonies. You may want to scoot your wedding party and families to the beach in a little rain, but you simply can’t do it in lightning. If it’s storming badly, you need to have a safe alternative place to have the ceremony and although it’s not what you would obviously want – you ALWAYS want to play it safer than sorry!

4. Golden hour portraits are BEST (for us!) – make sure you photographer helps you and educates you on lighting and the best times of day for ceremony, portraits and hitting up that glorious golden hour! If your photographer knows you’re having a sunset ceremony, you’re not doing a first look and fails to inform you that you will have no light left for portraits and they’re known for their natural light photography best…they did not follow through how they should have! TRUST them if they are experienced and understand the best projected times to shoot according to the sunset that time of year. We are always more than happy to answer ANY questions pertaining to timelines and make sure you have peace of mind knowing you won’t miss that glow and good natural light for your portrait time!

5. Traveling to Duck, Corolla and Carova can be INTENSE for weekend weddings. Make sure your guests are already IN town and on that side of the island. If you come across a vendor (such as cake, floral, etc) who charge extra to travel to that side it’s because it can take them several hours during prime season just to go a few miles up the way. We don’t charge travel for Corolla or Duck for weddings and we make a date out of it leaving early and exploring together before shooting our sweet couple’s weddings!

We have SO much more we could say about Outer Banks weddings but it’s something we really invest in talking about to our couples who get married here – we are ALWAYS an email away for our clients and they know we will always do our best to help them whenever we can. Getting married on this sandbar is such a joy and we are so thankful to have served SO many couples here! If you read this blog post and inquire with us to book – we will add a complimentary 9th hour of coverage to any wedding bookings for our 8 hour package. Just let us know you saw the post!



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