Five, Three and One | New Mom Series

This is an interesting life season.

And by interesting I mean Autumn, where are your pants? Cammy why are you so freaking smart and I can’t spell things out because you can basically read and Ellie why did you just throw a temper, tell me I’m not your mom and then grab my face and kiss my lips and tell me I’m pretty!?

Oh yeah, a household of three little girls gets REALLY weird, lol! The emotions run high, the giggles are high pitched and sometimes we ALL have a high stress level just trying to get through the day together. But with all the screeching, non-sharing and knock down drag out seastar fights…I would not trade this for the world.

Our daughters are almost exactly two years apart in age. We had winter babies (Cammy is November, Ellie is January and Autumn is December) and needless to say, the holidays are wild with birthday celebrations as well. When we talk to expecting or brand new parents having their first, I’m honest in saying that’s it’s a huge life transition and can be SO tough, but generally for us it wasn’t so bad. You’ll get the hang of it, you’ll get into a groove and know a new normal. If anything, I REALLY encourage first time moms to schedule time they can get out and get some time to themselves, even if it’s a small window, because being able to do things like read, exercise, self-care, etc can go out the window if you’re never given a break. That can become consuming and VERY difficult and lonely after a while, I regret not getting more breaks as a new mom and would have done that differently!

But bringing the second home with a two year difference…that was tough. After month three, I really started to get the hang of it but it was things like nursing a brand new baby and having a toddler trying to potty train that was SO difficult for me. Do you even need a visual for that, lol? Nursing a baby and having your 2 year old in the bathroom yelling to wipe their butt..whew. It was a doozy there for a while but I got through…because that’s what mamas do. They keep pushing through.

Adding Autumn to the mix with a 1 (almost 2) and 4 year old was just bananas. Honestly…it was crazy and it was SO hard to recover from that third c-section but eventually…I got used to it, too! As long as I had her in the baby bjorn, car seat or stroller when we were out, I had general control of the girls…but then…Autumn started walking at 9 months like her sisters. From there – things went NUTS.

My girls are sweet, but they are WILD. Totally adorable but occasionally unhinged wild mermaids you can’t contain. I remember one day seeing Ellie licking the display case at Front Porch Cafe with the cookies and pastries in it and asking…what is life? WHAT IS LIFE? Why Ellie? And then I almost laughed until I cried because it was stupidly adorable and I love how weird Ellie is. I knew I would always look at that display case and remember her doing that as a baby.

The chaos of being a mom of three such active girls was close to consuming me and then I started to embrace this season because seeing them run together in a little pack is ADORABLE. Literally, they DO roll up in places like the mermaid mafia they are and it’s so funny but it’s also tough…I am doing a lot of arm grabbing and holding and having to have my headspace in two places at once such as shopping for groceries and looking out for the girls, or checking out at the register and looking out for the girls…and that’s what’s hard about it…I am always having to concentrate on them and their fast, crazy and unpredictable moves and moments and then get back to the task at hand. That seems easy enough, but it’s hard. It’s the interruption factor of it. With three this close in age, you’re never really able to be deeply engaged or mindful with what you’re doing besides taking care of them. For example, when I’m grocery shopping or “having a conversation” (ha!) with someone in public, I can never really be focused or engaged because I’m constantly glancing at the girls and putting their well being first and keeping an eye on them. I want to stop and talk to people, I do, but I never really can. I would NEVER be thriving without our pre-printed grocery lists and Lifeflow lists now because they allow me to focus on my girls well being and have the rest be seamless and that’s what stressed moms of lots of little ones need!

Five, three and one.

The five year old mainly listens, but occasionally…she doesn’t. She is smart, but she spaces out. She doesn’t throw HUGE tempers in public anymore, but will still occasionally stomp her feet when she’s not getting what she wants. She’s helpful, but you can’t put the pressure of having her be responsible for the safety of her sisters in her hands…because she’s too little for that. I will say though I am IMMENSELY proud of the role she chooses to fill on her own when it comes to taking care of her baby sisters. Cammy, you’re amazing!

The three year old is adorable, hilarious and extremely unreasonable most of the time, lol! There is no working things out with her when she has her mind set on something, even when it’s ridiculous. You can’t really be rational with a three year old who has her mind set to something…and it’s funny but frustrating at the same time. She’s good about listening sometimes but she WILL still throw that public temper if she’s not happy about something…and it gets real! Ellie, you are such a sour patch but so much more sweet than sour, we love you!

The one year old is buck freaking wild. There, I said it. Autumn is SO kind and loving and cuddly but she is the fastest baby I have EVER seen. If you’ve met her and seen her run, you know it’s lightning speed and she doesn’t just save that for home. No no no, we like to do that in the store, too. She is extremely independent and very friendly and likes to say hi to everyone and goes all out when she is out on the town for errands, haha! Autumn – you exhaust me and I could not love your wild spirit more!

Five, three and one. I remember when someone heard about our third pregnancy and asked if we were crazy, and I thought to myself how unbelievably lucky and blessed I felt, not crazy. I felt like I was going to have this close-in-age wild little posse to roll around the Outer Banks with and although I’m tired at the end of the day in a way I can’t even describe, my heart is SO full. I love that I never had to get too far out of baby stage to go back into the diapers or anything and we just kind of have simplified our home and belongings as the girls all grow up and change together. This has been the most exhausting and beautiful ride of our lives and I hope those girls know that they make our world go round. You mean so much to us and we are SO proud of you, mermaids!

If you have three super close in age and you’re in this tough season, I get it! Please little mamas…make SURE you get some time to yourselves! 🙂


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