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Happy happy Friday from a temperamental Kitty Hawk, NC! We woke up to sunshine and it’s been going in and out all day, just like the Outer Banks to toy with our emotions through weather…but for some reason, we love it regardless of rain, shine, hail, hurricane or muggy summer day. We love it here no matter what, and I think we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

This is because this place is something else, isn’t it? It’s a beautiful gift to be able to visit this place no matter how long you’re staying and it’s a gem on the coast of an already beautiful state. We are Carolina people through and through from loving the farm land to the mountains to the marsh to this salty little sandbar we’ve parked ourselves on.

We love sharing the Outer Banks love with those who feel the same! Something is coming soon where you can bring this salt air and beauty a little closer to you, and we’ll be announcing that soon via the NEW NEWSLETTER! We are dedicating our “Five Waves” newsletter to things specifically Outer Banks whether you’re a local or vacationer…we all feel home here, right? Regardless of the time that’s spent on this island, it means so much to all of us and this newsletter will highlight local businesses, experiences on the island, coastal inspiration, etc.

Sign up via the form BELOW! We can’t wait to breathe a little salt air with you, friend!!! :):):)

five waves

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