If you have been following this wild family of ours for any length of time…you know that we are SUPER passionate about living a simple, more stress-free life through taking the pressure off of trying to remember all the things a family and business needs to run smoothly day to day, week to week and so on!

Life is just better when you have your stuff together. There is so much you can’t control as a mom, business owner and individual but gosh – if you can have MOST of it in order and written down somewhere without having to keep it all in your overwhelmed head…your life WILL CHANGE!

Lifeflow lists made our marriage a warmer, happier place for us. No more fights over missed car registrations and bills payments and all the things. We have packing lists for when our family goes out of town, not having anything left behind anymore and stopping to purchase things we forgot, wasting money when we didn’t have to! We have lists for what we brought to the hospital to have our babies. We have SO MANY amazing lists in our shop that are changing family’s lives and you can find them all at the link below!

As a thank you for visiting our blog – use code AMANDABLOG for 10% off of any order! 🙂


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  1. AMANDA!!!!!!!! You had me tearing up!!! From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on your video!! It’s awesome!! You look great, your family looks adorable, and The Girl Tyler did a great job capturing you doing what you do best!!! <3 I love it!! #proudAHPbride

  2. I loved your video. It had me tearing up. You have the cutest little family. If I ever do talk my fiance into finally getting married, you are definately my first choice.

  3. Awesome, inspirational and kept me smiling the whole time. I am dipping my toes into taking photography from a hobby to professional and I love your story!

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