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A couple of months ago – I started to get pretty desperate to start eating gluten again, HAHA! It had been over a year, maybe two.. and I had gone without it and it all started as a way to manage my fatigue and avoid stomach sensitivities. I felt like I was always more likely to be nauseous after eating gluten and I did research and find that eating gluten can make you feel more tired… so with those two factors working against me, I decided to give it up for a while. And it was torture, LOL. I LOVE GLUTEN.

I ordered a Food Sensitivity Test from Everlywell, a company that allows you to get results without going to a lab/doctor which is great for people who want privacy and/or don’t have good insurance. Now.. is this a replacement for medical care? No. But it’s important to point out that millions of people literally can not afford to even walk into a doctor’s office, even with “good” insurance… so the fact that something like this exists is a gift to so many people. Maybe one day I’ll get an allergy test done but so far by what we’re seeing, it’s not covered by our insurance and the cost is astronomical and I’m not having major reactions to anything so there isn’t an urgency to do so.

Food sensitivity not does equal food allergy. This is important to note! You can read plenty of FAQ’s on the Everlywell site to see how they come up with the results…  but mine made a LOT of sense and I am so glad I took this test!

So what were my results?!

The food I reacted the worst to was EGGS. Egg yolk and egg white. Almost every single morning, at least 5-6 days a week… I had some form of eggs for breakfast. And every morning by 8am,  I was ready to go back to bed. I couldn’t… but I wanted to. Just a giant blanket of fatigue weighing me down daily, almost as soon as I was supposed to start my work hours. It was so discouraging. But guess what? Now I don’t eat anymore eggs for breakfast and I don’t experience this. To me… not being exhausted by 8am is WILD and I am SO FREAKING GLAD we figured that out!

The other foods were bell pepper, chicken and soy… with almond and turkey coming in shortly after. I ate chicken a lot, especially on entree salads.. so that hasn’t been fun to cut out BUT, I’ve done it! I’ve replaced almond milk with oat milk (umm.. Planet Oat is SO good!) and tried my best to stay away from things with my food sensitivity ingredients. Gluten wasn’t on it… so I am finally eating it again BUT being mindful about not having too much at once as I don’t want it to exacerbate my fatigue.

Although I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to being out of the woods with ME/CFS, I will say… cutting the eggs out has made a major difference in how I’m experiencing mornings now. I PRAY this is helpful for someone else! I think it’s worth it to know what your body doesn’t enjoy tolerating and then cutting it out to see if a difference is made for you!


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  1. Sheryl says:

    I think that’s awesome you found out things to help you. I for sure know I have Celiac and i know for sure I can’t eat eggs. I took the Everlywell test to see if any other foods bothered me. Surprisingly neither one of those was flagged. So I caution you to be careful. The only test I took which seemed to be very accurate was a stool (I know gross) test that my functional medicine doctor ordered. It was $250 and I had to collect samples for like two weeks, not fun but necessary. From those results I eliminated or cut back on a few foods I would have never guessed were causing me issues. I applaud you for trying to find the root of the problem and not just masking symptoms with medication. That is the cycle most people are stuck in. 😊

    1. I have heard that some people don’t see all of the foods that bother them flagged before! I am just so thankful it told me about the eggs because it’s made SUCH a huge difference! I am doing everything I can think of first to avoid using medication for this just because I don’t want to be dependent on it… thank you so so much for reading Sheryl!!:)

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