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I have been a photographer for eight years, we’ve shot over 130 weddings and we are almost fully booked for weddings this year and almost for sessions this summer, too. This is our biggest “thing”, what I think we will be most asked about – but it’s not, LOL! It’s not! It’s more likely I’ll get DMs about our financial journey and our meal prepping and how we have been doing things differently since we signed up to begin learning from Dave Ramsey. I have links to our previous posts below that talk more about Dave Ramsey – but I can sum up for you one really important thing when it comes to this journey. We spent WAY TOO MUCH money on food. We were lackadaisical and didn’t put in any effort at all into making sure we weren’t overspending because we didn’t have a routine or structure for our food spending and we justified this by saying “well, it’s food! and we have to eat!” – OKAY YES, we DO have to eat. BUT…. We don’t “need” to spend that much on carryout ($25 for the family per week, $100 month…if we’re aiming low) We don’t “need” to get a pizza every single week ($15/week – $60 month) We don’t “need” to just pick up anything that looks good at the store ($250-$300 for a trip..wait what did we just buy?) …and then not use a huge amount of those groceries because they go bad before we actually cook/prep them. Of all of the expenses we had, food was going to be the easiest to cut down with a little planning and forethought. Here’s our blog post about meal prep and getting strategic about saving money and planning well! But one thing we love to do the most when it comes to all of this is simplify. This does NOT NEED to be complicated. There are so many shiny and fancy apps out there, and they’re great…and we DO love Every Dollar but the way that we keep track of the food budget that we end up logging into Every Dollar is by using a simple, clean and to the point spreadsheet we created that sits in our grocery folder in our kitchen drawer. Our grocery folder has:

  1. Our list of meals we like (see that blog post mentioned above for what I’m talking about!)
  2. A pre-printed standard grocery list we use weekly (we’ll share our personal one next week on the blog!)
  3. Printed coupons (and PLEASE, we encourage you to sign up for FREE and use the Ibotta app! You are already likely buying the items they have on here through your usual grocery stores ANDDDDD Amazon AND Thrive market! We just recently discovered that we could have been shopping Amazon through there and Thrive. Wow. I wish I hadn’t bought that printer ink before I found that out, LOL! Ibotta is a SIMPLE app where you quite literally click the button of the item you may purchase from a store before you shop and then you get money back. It’s amazing. Simple, and amazing! So far we’re up to almost $200 we’ve made by clicking buttons. You can not beat that! Especially if you are not interested in learning extreme couponing at this time like I am not lol!)
  4. This simple spreadsheet we have via the link below for you 🙂 We go to the store once a week (unless we run out of something we need and will make one or two extra trips during the month) so we are usually only logging 4-6 things total in a month BUT this shows ua where we went, the date, how much we spent and then how much we have left. We even have a notes section if we need to note something but yes – how easy is this? You keep your receipt from the store (or check your bank account and find the transaction) and note the amount and just add to find out the total spent for the month and subtract from your budget to find out how much is left so you can work hard to stay within!

  CLICK HERE TO HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD! Scroll down until you see the Carolina blue background that says Simple Budgeting. You will be able to download right from the order window AND it will go right to your email address as well 🙂  



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  1. Ashley Ellis says:

    I don’t know what’s up with my eyes, but I’ve clicked the link for the printable many times and am still not seeing the Simple Budgeting Carolina blue section. Can you please help my terrible eyes out lol

    1. amandahedgepeth says:

      HI!!! Yes m’am it’s right here: UNDER the Island Time Series section on the website! It’s the fifth section on the shop page right at that link! 🙂

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