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We have a problem, a really good one 🙂

We’re fairly simple when it comes to what makes us happy in life. We love going to the beach (free), collecting sea glass (free) and swimming in the ocean (free)…which inevitably leads to lots of salty kisses (free depending on the mood, Ellie will make you work for them:)). We don’t shop a lot, we don’t spend more than $30-$40 out to eat EVER (very rare when that happens!) and we don’t do expensive things or trips very often. I think we’ve decided on Disney again this year, it’s been THREE years since our last visit! We like to invest in experiences more often than material things.

But there’s one thing we know needs to be budgeted in. Front Porch Cafe is SUCH a joy in our lives. It seems so silly that we would be so in love with a coffee place but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve been to one of their three charming little locations here on the Outer Banks (Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo) … you may have felt the same warm fuzzy feeling we get when we go in, too. There is just no denying that there is something really comforting about a small business where you walk in and feel at home. Our closest one is the Kill Devil Hills location and it shares it space with a bead shop and pottery painting space…just a couple of tables and two small bar areas to sit. VERY small, very cute. There are long rectangular outlets there for laptop hangout people like me and most of the time, there IS a place to sit. I remember walking into the typically less crowded Starbucks in Virginia Beach and not having one spot available sometimes! There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different way of life in a smaller town. I’m not a city girl in the slightest…and this is kind of like my dream little coffee shop you see a character adore and frequent in the movies for me 🙂

The Nags Head location is the biggest of the three and it’s a great spot for meetings and get togethers! We’ve hosted a couple of little coffee mornings here for the Salt Air Workshop, the Rising Tide Society and a local photographer group full of some incredible people. I love the handmade mugs, the Stephanie Kiker gifts and coasters we love collecting, the stickers, the local papers and the vibe. You can’t beat it.

Out of almost THREE years visiting, I’ve only gotten a different coffee order TWICE. I always get a large iced coffee with vanilla, and then I add my half and half in. Pop a top on and a red straw in there and I’m having a different kind of day 🙂 Their coffee is STRONG, too! Mama needs that! I definitely don’t go every day, but we do make a trip at least once a weekend! We love that our Kill Devil Hills girls always know our orders and sometimes have them going when they see us walk in! I waited tables for SO long and I can tell you it’s such a treat and joy to have someone know your order. It’s why regulars become regulars, the treatment is just so considerate and heartfelt.

So…remember, to each their own. I know you can have a small town feel in a corporate coffee shop, too. After all, it’s the PEOPLE, not the setting that make up how you feel and what your experience looks like. But, we truly love this place. It’s a second home! I’ll be slipping by today to kill time between doctors appointments and be getting work done happily with my headphones on in my own little world. We highly recommend this place if you’re heading to the Outer Banks! 🙂




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