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Christmas just came…and Mike struggled again with getting it out of me. “But what do you want?” No Mike, really…just more Papermate Flair pens…please! Make my office supply loving heart happy…get me PRACTICAL things, lol! This has been me for a long time. In another time in our lives…I would request diamonds or more expensive things so I could brag about what I got from my oh-so-perfect husband…expensive things, that meant he valued me so much. How sad is that? How brave is it that I can admit that now? Pretty courageous and not easy to share, but necessary. Here’s why.

I left a life that felt like it wasn’t quite ours. It wasn’t really about where we were, but I knew I would never feel home there and that had a direct correlation with me not acting like myself there when it came to materialism. The Lord called us to live on the Outer Banks the night my first baby girl asked for more stars in her sky. She couldn’t see enough, and her soul needed more. So…we left.

Packing that Uhaul was…intense. Thank GOSH we had the yard sale first…but gosh, that was just the beginning of the simplification process! Our hashtag became #kittyhawksimplelife and we watched the miracle of our hearts changing as our environment changed. Our condo was ugly, it was tiny, and we were never happier. We were home.

It’s hard for me to ask for a gift that isn’t practical. Like….I have to REALLY LOVE IT to ask for it if it’s not practical. So instead of fighting this and thinking there’s something wrong with me as a fortunate middle class woman, I’ve come to embrace this as one of my most beautiful qualities. What a rare gift to not be a shopaholic trying to prove all the things as the bank account shrinks and the self esteem stays stagnant because it’s never going to be enough. I don’t want that life. I want to be me. And me? I’m the kind of girl who thinks THIS is a perfect list of gifts below 🙂 I’m sharing 8 gift ideas for simple gals who just want practical gifts.

1. An Ello tumbler. I just got this after breaking one of my other go-to tumblers and I probably will never go without this thing again. This is THE BEST cup in I’ve ever used! I got it in blue and it DOES look like the pretty color they show online! Check it out here: Ello Tumbler in Denim

2. The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I mean… I can’t even say enough…just that I wish I had ordered this years ago. It’s been SO amazing to use so far and it’s so, so, so clean and I love everything about the look and quality! I got the rainbow stripe and she’s probably going to completely sell out soon! Visit Emily’s site here: Emily Ley 

3. Powersheets. You can read SO much on my blog about the Powersheets (type POWERSHEETS in the search bar and you’ll have your pick of posts!) and I was fortunate enough to be a part of their shoot this year…but gosh, worth every penny. Game changing. You HAVE to put in the meaningful work but it will change your life! Find them HERE (they are currently sold out of the yearlys but have undated six month ones!): Cultivate What Matters 

4. The three best kinds of pens in the world….Papermate Flair medium point, Papermate Flair ultrafine candy pop & Pilot Precise V5.

5. A really amazingly cozy sweater…like this one: American Eagle | Hooded Cardigan

6. A gift card to Amazon so she can buy books. Or other things. But books are great, too.

7. A gift certificate to Front Porch Cafe or whatever Front Porch Cafe is to her 🙂 That place she LOVES and feels like home, any restaurant or cafe that has that feel. I will never, ever get sick of those gift cards…it feels like Christmas every time!

8. Something that isn’t bulky…but can change a room. Something inspiring. A new beautiful plant is always great, or something like THIS…something we can’t live without in our home: Amazon

9. One of the most meaningful, because it involves capturing moments and keeping those memories forever (they’re in my journals, on corkboards, my bookmarks..) an Instax Camera and some cute film like the ones we always get: Amazon

10. And last but not least…two ways to bring Outer Banks creations to your home that are without a doubt two of my favorite things in this world. Two things I hardly ever go without and I’m wearing one and burning the other in my office right now: Outer Banks Candles and All Washed Up Jewelry.



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  1. Linda Barry says:

    I swear, you and I are cut from the same cloth! I’m the same exact way and all of those gifts sound like heaven to me!!

    1. amandahedgepeth says:

      AWWW YESSS!!! I am so glad you like this! XOOXOX

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