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I am in a hotel room for the 8th time this year, and I LOVE every second of it. I am so thankful and you have NO idea how much I actually thoroughly enjoy this part of the job! I have ALWAYS been that little girl that checks into a hotel room and thinks it’s the most fun thing in the world, an adventure! I’m still like that, haha..and I think that’s why the girls love it so much, too!

Today is a short post..but meaningful. I am so thankful today that my clients bring me to them and I get to do this. In all honesty, I never pictured myself being someone to travel for work…ever. I never saw this adventure coming and it’s a dream come true for me! I LOVE being able to see new places and experience these little getaways for “work” and do what I love more than anything in the world!

But I do want to remind you guys of something. A groom and I were just talking about one of their family members who never takes a break. He owns businesses and he never sees his kids, and the groom and I agreed it’s just no way to live, it’s not. There simply IS nothing more important than your kids and family and you have to feed them yes but at what cost to you have to drive yourself into the ground?

Mike and I booked a hotel room for our eight year anniversary at the end of this month and yep, it’s down the street from where we live…but we remember to take breaks after learning from the mistake of too much too often. You know what is SO crazy fun!? PLANNING a TRIP or getaway! Even if it’s small. You must have these things to look forward to or you will burn out and start to resent your job and I never, ever, ever want to get to that point like I did my first couple of years!

Give yourself a break, schedule date nights. Schedule time off. I don’t accept sessions on weekends and when I tell people why, they are SO amazing and receptive and respectful. I made the mistake of shooting constantly on weekends for a few years and I didn’t get to see my own family..and that’s not okay. Don’t be afraid to say no…didn’t you go into business for yourself to be your OWN boss? Stop being such a mean one to yourself. Work hard, hustle, but TAKE A BREAK. Summer is’ve probably been crazy, schedule a tiny one for yourself or you and your spouse or your family.

*A hotel room in the off season somewhere
*A picnic on the beach/at the park
*A trip to a surrounding town you don’t get to visit often (a drive to Rodanthe or Buxton for us…or the opposite way, Duck or Corolla)
*Planning a cookout or big meal at your home for fun
*Schedule a Netflix binge day for the rainy occasions hahaha
*Going to the movies
*Mini golf


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    Love this! Such a good reminder.

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