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Over the past year, I would see these posts about Powersheets and I didn’t know fully what they were because I was so busy scrolling and scrolling along on social media. Mindlessly, halfway paying attention to that and halfway paying attention to real life in front of me. It’s ironic that here I am today blogging about how NOT doing that is the number one goal on my Powersheets, haha!

Firstly…let me just let you know that I’m pretty sure she’s sold out of the ones that I have but she did offer an additional limited amount of extras that are undated…but honestly if you told me right now the cover was brown with orange polka dots and completely hideous….I would STILL recommend getting these! HA!! That’s how intensely effective these have been for me…and it’s still only January of the year I’ve set my goals!

I won’t tell you they’re magic. You know darn well YOU have to make things happen for yourself. It’s your job to do the work. It’s your job to dig deep in your heart and find out why your goals are what they are. What’s on your heart? What MATTERS to you? The concept behind this goal planner is to make sure there is purpose surrounding what you are spending your time working on. I have to admit … I’ve never until now deeply thought about the true reasons I want to achieve certain goals. I would set pretty surface level goals and just go for them… kind of when I had time, no meaning, no action plan. This planner helps you DISCOVER your goals, REVEAL the meaning behind them and make them achievable through REALISTIC steps and ACTIONS. It’s brilliant. Lara Casey, you are saving people girlfriend!

Oh! And it helps that they’re pretty 🙂 The colors are OUTSTANDING and my bright color loving heart is smitten with them! I’m sharing one of mine today to give an example of ways to break down the goals and utilize this planner WELL!


Why? Because I spend a lot of time missing eye contact with my girls, not listening to them well. And that makes me feel guilty! And because I know I’m losing time scrolling without a clear intention of what I need to do on my phone. I’m finding out that it’s subconsciously something I’m doing as a distraction to avoid other things that need to be done or could be getting done during the day.

How? I’ll have to schedule MORE posts (using the “Later” app!) — which will also help with making sure more posts are intentional and thought through well! Also, when opening phone, open for a specific reason/action and then close it back — don’t hop from app to app! Scheduling certain times a day allowed to check will also work! Example: you can only check at 8am and 4pm (for instance)

This will make me feel more MINDFUL, aware, PRESENT (WORD OF THE YEAR!) and connected to the right things/people!

Other questions asked to reach the goal within the action plan:
What are the positive results of taking action on this goal in my life and others?
*What does progress look like on this goal?
*How will I celebrate when I complete this goal?
*Who can I ask for guidance and accountability on this goal?

In the past, I’d say “be on my phone less” — but that’s not specific enough. This action plan I listed today is a little more vague than everything I DO have written down for it in the planner but you get the idea, hopefully! It doesn’t have to be just home stuff – it can be ANYTHING! I have some work goals in there but also just life/family goals like how I’m focusing BIG time on cooking and gardening this year! I hope you guys are able to truly focus on goals for yourself even if you don’t have this planner, but I will say – this has been WORTH the investment for me! Visit cultivatewhatmatters.com to grab a copy and sign up for Lara’s newsletter! 🙂



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