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Perspective is EVERYTHING.

When we first moved here, we noticed we moved literally into a condo that had a sand spur minefield attached. I’m not being dramatic, you can’t take ONE step into it without being covered. We listen sadly sometimes to dogs yelping outside the back door because someone took them to use the bathroom and didn’t know about the spurs. You can wear boots, you can wear anything you want but those little suckers are going to stick to you and go for a ride and they’ll get you eventually. They are VICIOUS!

So although we realized quickly that our little girls wouldn’t have a yard to play in for a while, we chose a more positive perspective to view this situation by. We blogged about how this is just the price you pay for paradise and if it’s part of what we have to live with after finally getting to move down to our dream town…well…we gotta live with it. Do we like getting poked? Heck no, it sucks and I cry sometimes, they are SO sharp! But it was just the card we were handed and so we thought of a really happy way to share it on the blog to show how you can be optimistic even when (literally) in pain.

We recently got to look at our new HOME we’re moving into and when Cammy got out of the car, she stepped into the grass. She stopped and said Mommy…this is the BEST GRASS I’ve EVER SEEN! It’s so soft! Hahaha! Oh my’s totally not the most amazing and perfect grass ever but Cammy got to step in it without a worry and that was HUGE for her! It sounds sad, but the girls are only really used to playgrounds, the YMCA daycare and the beach… I forget sometimes that they don’t really get to play in actual grass at all…and she was SO thankful for this grass!

It’s just grass. But it’s gonna be our grass. I literally can not believe we are going to have a home. Some people immediately think about all of the ways they can decorate and buy things to fill it up with and remodel, etc, and that’s SO great but I just want to be in this home and put our existing pictures, canvases, kid’s artwork and little amount of decorations up in it. I just want to sit in the grass with them there. I just want to see how the light looks coming through the windows in the morning, at noon, at sunset and at blue hour and how the water looks behind our house at night. I can’t wait to have a window in my bathroom, hahah! It’s SO many little random things that I just am looking forward to…especially being able to measure my daughters height on a wall and stay there forever…GOSH, that is a dream of mine!! 🙂

Our humble perspective no matter where we go keeps us always feeling thankful. Remember that better and more and bigger doesn’t always equal happy, and you will always stay grateful for what you have in this moment, now.

This process is so, so unbelievably stressful but it’s worth it! We close SO SOON and I am so thankful for the people who have been there along the way making it happen…who will definitely be getting their own blog post in the future so I can brag on them! 🙂 Happy Wednesday from Kitty Hawk NC…almost Kill Devil Hills, SOON! 🙂 XOXO


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  1. It’s so funny but we feel the same here… about grass! Down here the grass is thicker and softer! It’s always the little things that make such an impact and you know what… grass sometimes just DOES that for you! When you spend your days barefoot with littles… grass does mean a whole lot! Love that you get to have grass under your bare feet and that it makes you feel as I do… just plain over the moon happy friend!

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