Greg + Alexandra | Kill Devil Hills + Manteo Engagements

It’s so rare I can do anything without a couple months notice..and not for the fact that I’m not technically capable but usually because I’m booked and have all of my corresponding family time booked, TOO! We live in the Outer Banks now as opposed to Hampton Roads so there is travel time to consider now, who will be able to watch the girls, etc…but this email was one I was SO glad to receive because I had a tiny window of time to be able to have at least one more session taken care of in November and this one?! Well it’s a JACKPOT session! I am so honored that Alexandra emailed me just to see if right before their upcoming Snowshoe wedding engagements would be a possibility and we made it so!!!

These cuddly adorable two human beings are VERY brave because it was so so FREEZING for these! We’re talking like my car told me it was under 40 degrees when we finished shooting, and I always feel guilty being ten kinds of bundled up while shooting cold people but they never complained!!! I just kept saying — for these pictures?! We’re SO good to go because you’re already keeping each other warm and that is what looks PERFECT, haha! I need that kind of contact to make it look genuine and they had it going on without hardly a direction at all! The playground was incredibly sweet (Greg’s an educator, so fitting!) and then Manteo for some quaint classiness to end, please don’t make me tell you how much I LOVE living here again hahaha! 🙂 ENJOY!!

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