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This is a little secret I was so glad to be let in on a little bit after Cammy was born. When I was pregnant with BOTH girls – they would get the hiccups and get REALLY irritated and kick the heck outta me, and it HURT! I knew before they were even born that the hiccups really annoyed them! When Cammy arrived, she would get them and they just sounded like they hurt. They were really aggressive making her whole body jump each time and then they seemed to last for soooo long!

One day I believe I posted on Facebook asking anyone if they had a great solution to this – and someone told us about Gripe Water. THIS STUFF WORKS MIRACLES! It’s closer to a natural remedy because it’s herbal and I’ve tried it, it tastes pretty good 😉 They even have different flavors of it now, but we just stick with the original stuff.

Basically, this stuff can stop the hiccups for babies and adults most of the the time! We just give her a tiny amount in a dropper and she latches on like she’s nursing, drinks it– and her hiccups are gone. With Cammy, it didn’t work ALL the time but it was worth a try! Probably 80% of the time with Cammy. With Ellie, it only didn’t work I think less than three times. It’s amazing because poor little Elliebells almost *always* spits up when she has the hiccups! It’s nice to be able to avoid that and help my little lady out a little bit!

One alternative use we’ve made out of Gripe Water is plugging the bottle up with her paci, tipping it upside down and getting some of the stuff on there when she’s fussy and we need her to not reject her paci so she’ll calm down and rest. It tastes good so she loves it!

It can be pricey at $9-$13 a bottle but we only go through about 2 a month VERY tops so it’s been a wonderful little mini investment for us to ease our baby girl’s hiccups and get her to take that paci and be comforted. This is just one of those little mama secrets they don’t have as a recommendation on the registry that REALLY has made a difference for our family! I hope this helps someone! 🙂


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