Hali + Kyle | Deltaville Anniversary Portraits

They both have hearts of gold and they are both head over heels for each other, it’s your average photographer’s dream couple 🙂 They play, they laugh a LOT and they have no problem snuggling up which makes it easy to paint a pretty picture of their relationship for the camera…but the thing is, that really IS them. They are like this naturally and I hardly have to give any direction because they fall into every sweet pose on their own! Hali and Kyle celebrated their one year anniversary this weekend and I remember the day like it was yesterday 🙂 At the Water Table in Virginia Beach, family and friends celebrated two people who were oh so meant to be together and had been through SO much together … and the day was flawless 🙂

The session took place in Deltaville so I was roughly about two hours from home enjoying this GORGEOUS setting and taking it all in. On the way home..my 2010 newly purchased Ford Escape broke down (it’s the throttle people..if you have the 2010 model of the Escape or the Fusion..BEG THEM to do a recall, everyone’s is busting!) and instead of enjoying their last night of vacation together in their rental with their families…who do I see but Hali and Kyle jumping up onto the tow truck step and throwing dinner to me while I sat with tears in my eyes! THEY FOUND ME on the side of the road! You can tell in these images that these are the kind of people they are. They would do anything to take care of their friends and family (and their pregnant photographer!) and especially each other <3 LOVE YALL thank you for a wonderful VERY worthwhile shoot!!!!!!!!! 🙂

hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-5 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-26 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-272013-08-13_0001 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-37 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-42 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-52 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-56 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-58 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-61 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-63 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-69 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-73 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-77 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-83 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-89 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-95 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-101 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-105 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-109 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-113 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-117 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-120 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-122 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-127 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-131 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-135 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-141 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-1442013-08-13_0002
Completely flawless..these two!

hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-148 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-150 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-153  hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-157 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-163 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-165 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-167 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-171 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-174 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-184 hali-kyle-deltaville-anniversary-photos-185

And then Hali’s sweet mama jumped in for one 🙂 LOVE her! 🙂


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  1. erin says:

    AHH!!! Happy 1 year Hali and Kyle!!! I loved your wedding day and was so honored to be a part of it!!! 🙂

    1. Hali says:

      Thank you for playing such a big role!!!! hope you are doing well!!!

  2. STUNNING photos of a beautiful couple! How sweet of them to bring you dinner!!

  3. These are gorgeous!!! The love between that couple radiates through these!! So beautiful!!

  4. jkriegphoto says:

    These are gorgeous!! LOVE!

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