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Did you catch Part One of this wedding? If not, you should…it’s absolutely as sweet, genuine and adorable as it gets. Getting ready and a first look graced the first blog for Kyle & Hali’s big day and I am happy now to introduce part TWO!

Hali & Kyle wrote a little about each other and their love story for this blog. Pictures say 1000 words on their own but it’s so beautiful to hear the backstory that goes along with their relationship and how they ended up where they are today…SO ENJOY! :):):)


Describe in a few short sentences what you love about Kyle:
Kyle always makes me laugh, even on bad days. He is a great source of support for me as well, this last year has been unpredictably tough and I can remember several times when I just wanted to give up and stay in bed because there was just so much that I didn’t want to face. Kyle was there to hold me, remind me that all was not lost, and to tell me that I was going to make it through. I also love his laugh and our conversations. we study and work in such different fields, its great to talk to him about so many different things because we learn so much from each other….. he really challenges me and I love that.

What made you fall in love with Kyle:
hmmmm that’s tough, because it wasn’t like it was one big thing….. it was lots of little things. It was text messages he sent to me when he knew I was asleep just so I would wake up to something sweet. His dancing……hahahahahaha always makes me laugh. he grew up a club kid in NYC…very into the house clubs. I grew up dancing to hip-hop, salsa and ballroom….very different styles. I will never be able to dance to house the way he does and don’t get me wrong, his dancing isn’t the best, but he LOVES it and he owns it, everyone else be damned. I love that about him, he’s doing his thing and u know he is loving every minute. I really fell in love with his ambition and self possession. he was so aware of who he was and where he was headed, he wasn’t playing games. I loved that. HAHAHAHAH I also loved that he was a legitimate pirate fighter. No kidding, when he was in the Navy, he fought the pirates off the coast of Africa… a regular swashbuckling, pirate fighting, yar matey, tattooed orlando bloom….. what girl doesn’t want to be with a pirate fighter??!!!!!! totally had me then.

What we do together:
we watch jeopardy every time we sit down to eat and play each other, cash cab too. right now we both go to school and work, but when we had more time we played sports and went to museums. we go to plays as much as we can. we started a book club for just us, so we could read the classics and discuss them. we cook together too.

Favorite memory together:
hmmm geez this is a good exercise!!! trying to think back about all these experiences and which one is my favorite….. hmmm I think it has to be the first visit I took to NYC. I had never been to NYC before and he invited me up shortly after he left VA and it was kinda our trip where we decided to be exclusive, so its a fond one. It was perfect, we rode the ferry at sunset into manhattan…. my first view of the statue of liberty, at sunset wrapped up in his arms. we walked through cobblestone streets in the west village, ate pasta all alone at a small italian cafe in little italy while “that’s amore” played in the background, soaking in the hot tub watching the stars. It was a perfect trip and it really was when I fell in love with kyle and New york city 🙂


I knew there was something different about Hali from the moment we met.  It is crazy though because we are so different in so many ways that falling in love the way we did almost seems illogical.  Even though the timing of our first encounter was hardly ideal (I was soon to leave for NY and Hali was soon to leave for Indy), if we had met at any other time in our lives we probably would have passed each other without a second thought. 

The last few years have been crazy.  We have shared so many memories, from romantic candlelit on Mulberry St to losing her sister, Lydia, in London and putting in a missing persons report with the police, it is hard to isolate just one memory.  I guess my favorite memory is the one i get to experience every day.  Getting to cook dinner together and then sit back and enjoy a competitive game of Jeopardy.

As busy as the both of us are and as hectic as both our schedules have been, it would make sense that our relationship may be a little strained.  Thankfully this is not the case and I think that our ability to just shut everything else out for a few hours, be ourselves together, and just chill out is a big reason why.


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  1. ashley link says:

    GORGEOUS! love all the detail shots! i also love the shot you did of the bride and groom from behind with her dress flared out! beautiful! great job, amanda! 🙂

  2. Ahna Beth says:

    Love these!! The lighting is so soft & perfect for a beach wedding. I also LOVE the bridesmaids dresses! Where are those from??

  3. Hali Wood says:

    thank you Ahna, the bridesmaids dresses are courtesy of Henkaa….. the girls loved them!!!

  4. MeganOBX says:

    You can feel the emotion between them just looking at them!! Nothing looks better on a woman than being in love & Hali has got it!! Gorgeous bride, beautiful couple!!

    1. Hali Wood says:

      thanks Megan!!!

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