Hampton Roads Q+A Sunday March 1st | Photographers

It’s been SO long since I’ve been able to do this!! I loved having the Outer Banks Winter Workshop here last December but I haven’t done a Q+A in the longest time and I truly miss and love that atmosphere! Something about the Q+A’s always left ME feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and I was honored to have the best and sweetest people around attending them..from the first ones at Panera and Moe’s to my home in Virginia Beach! We are a tight knit and supportive community you can count on for honest but CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, not tear your work apart and send you home crying. Inspiration and lots of networking, headshot trades and second shooting for each other! It’s become amazing!!

I love being a part of conferences and I love doing other things with fellow business owners so much, but I additionally realize I don’t want to lose sight of the things that are really personal and intimate with myself and my business exclusively and I’ve been trying to find the right time to do another one of these lately– and I told Mike, I have a window! Time where I have enough of a break to make time for some new faces and friends, giving them all I have and making sure they start growing THEIR businesses and following their dreams!

I would love love love to have one down here in the Outer Banks soon but I’m hardly in Hampton Roads anymore and I think it would be so fun to hang with everyone up there for lunch, business talk and shooting as much as we can stand the cold toward the end! 🙂 Seats are $200. This is an OPEN FORUM, any topics are welcome…not just photography! Marketing, social media, product companies, vendor relationships, shooting pregnant or balancing motherhood etc..you name it, I’m always an open book! We ALL will be kind and probably rolling so fast through info the whole time you won’t even believe we were able to cover so much! 🙂

Seats are limited for a better and more personal experience and the location will be determined and emailed to attendees 1-2 weeks before the date! The date and time is Sunday, March 1 from 11-3pm … be prepare to run over just a little, we usually do 🙂

Click HERE to purchase a seat — can’t wait to see you there!!!! 🙂


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