Hannah + Tommy | Georgetown DC Engagements

I have to start this blog post by telling you that I LOVE HANNAH. And now that I’ve met and talked to him, I love Tommy, too!!!! And of course I could tell by the email from the beginning that Hannah was going to be two things through this process..kind and cheerful. She is SO happy to be marrying this man and you will be able to tell from these images that he is over the moon for her!!

Okay…so where are we now?! GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON DC! This little mama took Ellie to the dentist with the family in Chesapeake on a sunny Thursday in August and then headed up North..and I got to my hotel in DuPont Circle a little early and just thought to myself in that quiet hotel room, gosh…this is NICE! I am so thankful to be able to travel occasionally for work and I truly do like a little alone time to catch up and hear myself think! I headed over a couple blocks to Georgetown and I loved-every-second. That place is gorgeous! It played games with my heart that made me almost think I needed to move there hahaha! There are so many gems for locations and we ran into one of my friends Annamarie Akins who was also shooting, two of my grooms even saw me from the bridge and took a picture of us working ahahha! The place is gorgeous, no wonder everyone was there!

The President was having his birthday dinner near the waterfront and so many people were crowding over there– but gosh it didn’t stop that glow. Wow, we got a NICE glow being in the city! I can’t thank you enough Tommy and Hannah. Your souls radiate happiness and I am more thank grateful for you! I can’t wait to see you get married next year! 🙂


hannah-tommy-engaged-9 hannah-tommy-engaged-13 2016-08-14_0001

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  1. Kim Sykes says:

    Awesome pictures❣ Nice job capturing the true love & happiness of these 2. Can’t wait to meet you!-Mother of the Bride

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