Happy Birthday Bestie | Mike is 29! (Still Younger Than Me)

I am breaking a rule of mine, blogging at almost 11 on a Friday night?! But tomorrow, we will be busy traveling and shooting together and I want you to read this before bed 🙂

When Mike and I actually first met, I was dating a butthead. Like literally, so mean to me and broke up with me weekly. I was very weak and vulnerable then and didn’t realize his emotional abuse was the sign he was the weaker one..and there was this amazing woman inside me waiting to be brought out by someone who saw me for so much more than I saw myself.

I teared up at a conference while speaking telling people this one time…but here it goes. One morning, I literally woke up at the apartment I lived at in Norfolk and looked out my window at the sky. A rare weekend day off for a girl who worked like a crazy woman 6 and sometimes 7 days a week to make ends meet. I looked up, and it was THE clearest, bluest sky you have ever seen. The wispy white clouds in the bright sunshine, everything just looked peaceful and perfect. And…it looked happy. And I wanted to feel like that happy, peaceful, still and inspiring sky.

Something made me brave, something told me I could break up with this person and live to tell the tale. I had someone kind and sweet on my mind I had met the year before I just wanted to see if I could get together with him and at the least, be friends. So, I broke up with the boyfriend..messaged Mike to have a drink or two at a local college bar and the rest is complete history.

I knew I loved him the first week, but was so hurt and hesitant to admit it. I remember where he put his arm around me for the first time and that he got sand in my face during our first kiss which was perfectly set on the beach at night under the stars…totally us. Not at all cool but at least in the best place it could have happened 🙂 After a couple of weeks, we drunkly admitted we were in love with each other and if you haven’t heard..we are obsessed with the fall and naming our daughter Autumn to commemorate the best time of year when we met, fell in love, first kissed, said I love you..and started a new and beautiful chapter in both our lives.

I was a downward spiral mess for so long. The things that happened to me and that I’ve been through and have done, they are not the prettiest story. They are not what I want my daughters to know or experience, but this man saved my life. I was in a horrible dark place when I met him but he effortlessly gave me hope when I needed it most.

You are my hero, you are my love, you are my entire life and you are the man of my dreams. I will never stop appreciating you for the incredible and serving man you are. And although Cammy has started getting pissed, and I mean like REALLY pissed when you grab my butt (she’s mama’s little bodyguard) — keep doing it cause mama loves it 🙂 Best eight years, EVER.



Look at those babies!! 🙂 ^^^
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  1. Deborah says:

    Happy birthday to Mike! You two are awesome!

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