Happy Third Birthday Cammy! | Personal

It was just like yesterday– I sat in a hospital bed cussing my dad out for snow cones. “FIND THEM, I don’t care where you have to go!!” HAHA! Now THAT was Cammy speaking through me while I was in labor! The more and more I think about it, I adapting the demeanor of my children while pregnant with them. Cammy is no mess around, speak your mind, tell you what she wants and I LOVE that about her because she’s tougher than me! She’s so unbelievably caring too– she wants everyone to be happy. If Mike and I ever raise a voice even a little she will stay STOP FIGHTING even if we aren’t at all! She LOVES love, she loves all things princess and she loves her family. She lives to sing, dance, and be her own little spirit. WE LOVE YOU CAMMY and we are SO proud of you!

I’ll never forget making the bold decision to NOT wait on starting a family and business at the same time. I will never forget when I said– but what will I be missing at the end of the day!? I want to accomplish big things– but they are my greatest award and achievement! Cammy– thank you for teaching me how to be a mother, how to choose patience when I want to stress out, how to love another human being so much more than I could ever imagine. You are my princess always 🙂



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  1. Holly says:

    wow! That last photo of her is so precious!!

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