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A couple of months ago, I had to make a really tough decision for my business. I decided to stop accepting sessions on the weekends. This is something that I talked to Katelyn James about during our coaching session and I told her I just wanted time with my family back. I spent so many hours debating this because it’s kind of a big decision in an industry where people are expected to have very open schedules. After all, I have to make myself 100% available to everyone at all times right? Not necessarily, because the clients I work with all have the same values and understand and I’m to the point where I’m always booking people with big hearts and the same mentality about life. It’s short, it’s precious, and family comes first. And I know a lot more photographers nowadays who are choosing a regular work week like everyone else with the exception of weddings on weekends in order to maintain a more normal lifestyle for optimal family time.

This doesn’t mean all of my weekends are “open”- but it allows me to be more available for last minute wedding inquiries and also allows me to not miss every single birthday party, family get-together, reunion, celebration and life event because I have a session that day. It’s a decision I may not have made if I didn’t have a baby and one on the way, but that’s bad too because I would have no true, relaxed and uninterrupted quality time with my husband either.

The good thing is that during the warmer season– sessions are later in the day anyway because of the late sunset, allowing people more time to get off work and prepare for their sessions. Then it’s knocked out and they have an open weekend to play together 🙂

I can already tell you that this has changed our entire family life and dynamic and everyone is SO much happier after only two weekends. There is a new sense of love and bonding between all three (technically four!:)) of us and this is the healthiest decision I’ve ever made for our family! My husband works Monday-Friday from 10am-630, so we don’t see him until after 7pm and we see him for 2-3 hours in the morning. I’m usually working during the evening or catching up on correspondence when Mike’s here so he can pay attention to Cammy. This new found weekend time has given us time we never had before and we missed out on, but we plan on making up for starting now.

We are happier now. We are healthier now. We are spending real time together now.

We beach it every second we get because there is nothing we love more, and it’s free– we live here! We get a bite to eat at Moe’s, together, we watch tv and movies, together. We are finally together again.

I finally make a big healthy decision for my family and it has been well received and I could not be more thankful for these clients I have– they REALLY are loved by all of us!!! 🙂

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  1. Awesome decision, Amanda!! i so respect it! It took me 38 years of this life to realize that to be successful, you have to be happy and whole. Your photography is what you DO, and you ROCK IT OUT, but who you are, well, just look at this post, and these pictures, youre Amanda..Woman, wife, mommy. I applaude you!!!!

  2. Brittany says:

    Best decision ever! Family always comes first 🙂

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