Heather + Chris | Kill Devil Hills Anniversary Session

I love when people are married and they still get their portraits done…seriously…you guys it’s not just about the wedding and then the babies!!! There is a friendship turned fiery romance there at the root of it all and it’s WORTH celebrating! It’s so important to continue to document your love because it’s a worthy investment and you deserve it…and Heather and Chris made me sooo happy doing this with me here in the Outer Banks last week! I felt so honored because look at them, they are in LOVE and they make it look so real, so easy, so FUN! 🙂

GOLDEN LIGHT. The goldest. A black tulle skirt and colorful chairs, salty ocean soaked feet smooching and everything this little Outer Banks mama loves. They are so sweet to boot on top of their cuteness and I am so fortunate to have met this gem of a woman! Heather is a photographer and sweetheart and seeing her this happy is such a great feeling for me! I love when good people find GREAT love! 🙂 Enjoy their cheerful session!!!

Tulle skirt from Bliss Tulle! 🙂

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