Heather & Jessica | Virginia Beach BFF Photographer

Okay, seriously BOTH of these ladies have about 1000 reasons why I love them.

I worked with Heather on Shore Drive the summer I was getting married. She was great company, calmed my nerves, even threw a bridal lunch for me once, and SUCCEEDED in surprising me which NO one is good at! HA! She’s amazing, and gorgeous.

Jessica has a very special place in my heart (I know that sounds corny, but it is the ONLY way to word it) for many reasons. Jessica is the FIRST session I shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and it was the beginning for me of something incredible. That day, I got SUNFLARE for the first time. Jessica was around 7 months pregnant and we were shooting her maternity photos on the beach. I kept looking at the picture on my screen thinking, DARN…I keep getting this weird thing on the picture. I was still learning the ropes (oh and you NEVER stop learning the ropes my friends) then so I didn’t get it. I get home and look and think WOWWWW! This is SUNFLARE! And bam, just like that, it’s my favorite thing in the world to shoot. I love it. I am a colorful gal and sunflare rainbows make me very happy! Jessica has hired me several times since then and guess what? I’ve never missed sunflare on her sessions. She IS my sunshine, my only sunshine 🙂

These girls have been best friends since college, around 9 years. Heather and Jessica are adorable so enjoy their images!

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