Heather + Jim | Carolina Southern Engagements

So let’s just start with this, for Christmas..Jim gives Heather a puppy and in the same day, proposes to her. I got to see the video (because he’s brilliant and set up his phone to record it) and it made me bawl and then giggle because Heather says something along the lines of, “you can’t get me a puppy and a ring!” — because really how much awesomeness is that in one day?! I could NOT even love him more for the way he loves Heather! There is nothing more I want to see than brides with grooms who treat them like gold, and of course, vice versa.

But Heather is not just a bride to me. Heather is a person who was there during one of the most transitional times in my life when we moved out to Shore Drive and I started working at Bubba’s. I have to say…and I NEVER thought I would say this about a restaurant, but I miss Bubba’s, a lot! I miss the socialization of being around some of the greatest staff members ever, I met some of the coolest and most hilarious people there ever and we had so much fun working there on the beautiful deck on the water watching the sunset together hustling and waiting those tables! Heather was one of those people I just loved instantly and she accepted my spastic personality and cry baby ways. She is absolutely one of the most hard working girls I’ve ever met and another important thing to know about Heather is that when she loves someone, she TRULY loves them and gives them everything..I’ve seen her like this with her friends, they’re like family to her. Someone who loves this way and has a huge heart needs someone who can love her that way too– and Jim is the absolute perfect match. Watching sweet Heather in his strong arms looking like she is HOME is probably one of those most rewarding moments in my business. I love this kind of love, it’s nothing short of an honor to document it.

So– I did cry a little at their session, HAHA! I know, I cry all the time! I can’t say sorry though..it’s because I love people and my couples more than anything. ENJOY their GORGEOUS Southern session!!!!!!! 🙂

Hair – Flawless on Site
Makeup – Blushtones 
^ Love these vendors!!! 🙂

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