Heather + Steven | Norfolk & Virginia Beach Engagements

I will NEVER forget that day in Starbucks meeting Heather. She is classy, beautiful and a ball of fire. She is 100% herself and proud of it…and I was totally loving her, our convo and didn’t want our date to end! We must have been there for over an hour when we were supposed to be just having a quick little meeting. She told me exactly what she was looking for and how she came to choose me for her photographer and I was SO flattered!

And Steven, you were AWESOME and so cooperative and sweet and OH how I love that you would laugh for me! I seriously luck OUT with these guys!!!! When I first started out, I definitely remember shooting with guys that didn’t want to smile (what??? are you serious!) and didn’t want to be affectionate with their ladies, I guess to look “cool”…but you know what looks cool boys?!?!? Being alllllllll about that woman who’s heart you won over 🙂 And Steven is this shining example of man, he adores Heather and I don’t blame him. She is a such a catch! Love you two!!! 🙂

A special thank you to Elliot’s for allowing us to shoot inside! Probably THE best coffee, mango smoothie and staff I have ever known! Check them out! 🙂


LOVE that cute face 🙂SB9A6335

The looks we were getting from the innocent bystanders just trying to enjoy their coffee, we are so sorry 🙂SB9A6348SB9A6358SB9A6419

Hey there bling! So gorgeous!SB9A63762012-12-29_003

Yeah– I TOLD you two you were working those model faces! Wahooo! Get it!

SB9A6446 SB9A64522012-12-29_002 SB9A6467

Heather works it and I LOVE it!SB9A6486 SB9A6514 SB9A6535 SB9A6540

That moment when you’ve been waiting for the sun to bust through the clouds, YES 🙂 So warm!SB9A65712012-12-29_001

The EXACT spot he proposed in!!!!!! YES!!!!!! 🙂2012-12-29_004 SB9A6640SB9A6611SB9A6686 SB9A6700 SB9A6716 SB9A6773 SB9A68062012-12-29_005 2012-12-29_006

Heather, feel free to let EVERYONE know where EVERY thing you wore was from, because I am getting messages left and right about your style, girl! XOXOXO

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  1. Wow. I am loving these photos!

    1. thank you Katie!!!!!!! <3 xoxoxox

  2. Fran and Stonsa says:

    We just love these two! Fox and Doc

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