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GUYS – turning 34 today (yep, it’s my birthday!!!) will be even better because I get to launch our passion project we literally came up with weeks ago, haha! I can’t believe how this has evolved so quickly and how excited we are about this. We are already working with our lawyer and CPA to get everything set up, and although some parts are easy…we know the processes ahead will be more challenging as we work toward non-profit status. Regardless, we are going to work our butts off to make it happen so we can give back as much as possible to those who need it most….so without further ado (I had to Google that to ensure I was spelling it correctly, lol) – welcome to HOMELESS LOOKS LIKE!

I can be frank here, because it’s my darn blog… but all of this sparked from me getting emotional on Instagram stories about how it breaks my heart that women are finding it trendy to say “I look homeless today” because their hair is messy and they’re dressed down for the day. This is like “that’s retarded” – it’s just not okay and it directly insults a group of humans. It doesn’t work. You’re sitting in your home, with your bills paid, warm and fed and you’re saying you look homeless… can you imagine what people would give to look how you look today and have a different set of life circumstances? Can you imagine walking up to someone on the street who left to escape abuse, who was born in to poverty, who just literally can’t make enough money to afford housing, who doesn’t have the safety net you have and telling them that you look homeless? I’ve worked so hard the past few years to change how I speak and I work so hard to serve the Lord well and let me tell you – it changes your heart. I don’t think the same, I don’t even see the same. I knew this was true when I felt immediately uncomfortable every time I heard someone say this, and God put that discomfort in my heart to INSPIRE this mission, because big change and impact isn’t made in the midst of happiness and comfort…it’s discomfort and inspiration that can bring it on in a BIG WAY!

I was driving our girls to ballet open house in August, just WEEKS ago, and totally had a billboard-in-bright-lights moment. The name just came up, Homeless Looks Like…and I was like yes, I am RUNNING with this! I knew that with this title, we could explain to others that there is always more to a homeless person’s story. We could show you how much more ALIKE you are than different than those that end up homeless. It’s so easy for people with safety nets (financial means, family, friends) to lecture about what the homeless should do differently and the biggest and most common line “they should get a job” – gosh. Guys. You just have no idea. Some of them work more often and harder than you, but housing and life is EXPENSIVE. And the stories I’ve already heard and researched, it would absolutely blow your mind. This is where I get to step in and give those people a platform to share their story from – and our mission is simply this:

We want to create connection and compassion through story telling. We know FIRST HAND how important and impactful story telling is because of how we’ve shared our family’s stories and what we know that has done for others. Want to read more and become a part of this community? THE BIGGEST WAY you can help right now is to like us on Facebook, Instagram and to sign up for our newsletter – we need to grow right now so that we can create opportunities for giving later on when we are finally accepting donations! Even if you can’t give back, we know you can spread the word and share and spreading the word is a HUGE HELP to us!

THANK YOU FRIENDS – head to this blog post for more!: https://homelesslookslike.wordpress.com/2018/09/06/here-we-go/



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  1. Dawn says:

    🎉🎂Happy Birthday Amanda! What a wonderful idea and gift 💝 Hope it spreads like wildfire!😘💕

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